OUT OF THIS WORLD – ST [2-CD Digipak + Live From The Heat bonus disc] (2022)

OUT OF THIS WORLD - ST [2-CD Digipak + Live From The Heat bonus disc] (2022) full

OUT OF THIS WORLD is the new, awesome band formed by ex EUROPE terrific guitarist Kee Marcello and FAIR WARNING vocalist Tommy Heart. Their self-titled debut “Out Of This World” originally appeared only in Japan, but now there’s also this limited edition 2-CD Digipak with 3 exclusive bonus tracks plus a bonus disc titled “Live From The Heat”.
“Live From The Heat” was mixed by Sebastian Roeder (Primal Fear, Bonfire) and contains fan favourites from the EUROPE and FAIR WARNING catalogues.
What happens when you put together these top class melodic hard rock musicians joined by Ken Sandlin (ALIEN) on bass and Darby Todd (THE DARKNESS, GARY MOORE)? – You get a classy late 80s melodic hard rock album with a Scandinavian flavor.
Add to that DEEP PURPLE exquisite keyboardist Don Airey plus melody maker brilliant producer / mixer Ron Nevison (HEART, VINCE NEIL, ICON), and we have here an album impossible to resist.

On their soaring, self-titled debut, this melodic hard rock supergroup skillfully underlines the combination of well-made songs with passion: a perfect and rare constellation when the stars are aligned correctly.
Out Of This World is a dream come true for everybody out there who is mourning the loss of quality melodic hard rock.
It’s no wonder this record has already become a massive hit in Japan.

It’s no coincidence that Marcello’s latest endeavor bears the name of that legendary multi-platinum Europe album released back in 1988. “When I told people about my new project, someone suggested I call it something like Kee Marcelo’s Europe. But that’s terrible. Tommy suggested to call it Out Of This World, simple as that. Just as the Black Sabbath guys and Dio did with Heaven And Hell.”
The same vibe, the same ear for melody, the same hooks permeate an album that was brought to life with the vigor and passion you wouldn’t exactly expect in a rock star who’s seen it all and done it all in the past forty years.

The similarities with Europe circa 1988 appear on wonderful tracks like the catchy “In A Million Years”, the uber melodic “Staring At The Sun”, the anthemic ““Up To You”, or “The Warrior”, a groovy number where Kee’s freatboard shine.

Out Of This World beams with a freewheeling and overflowing sense of fun, musicianship, and togetherness. It’s an effortless flux that’s just not normally found on a debut.
The sound is absolutely stellar thanks to Nevison who has given the band a feel that not only reinvigorates them, but also incorporates the soundscapes of the past. Modern and classic at the same time, if you will.
Highly Recommended


CD 1 : Out Of This World +3
01 – Twilight
02 – Hanging On
03 – In A Million Years
04 – Lighting Up My Dark
05 – Staring At The Sun
06 – The Warrior
07 – Up To You
08 – Ain’t Gonna Let You Go
09 – Only You Can Teach Me How To Love Again
10 – Not Tonight
11 – Twilight (Demo) [Bonus Track]
12 – In A Million Years (Demo) [Bonus Track]
13 – Lighting Up My Dark (Demo) [Bonus Track]


CD 2 : Live From The Heat
01 – Let The Good Times Rock [Live] (Europe)
02 – Burning Heart [Live] (Fair Warning)
03 – Save Me [Live] (Fair Warning)
04 – Open Your Heart [Live] (Europe)
05 – Momentum [Live] (Out Of This World)
06 – Superstitious [Live] (Europe)
07 – Ready Or Not [Live] (Europe)




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