RADICAL DREAM – st [Retrospect Records remastered / Previously Unreleased]

RADICAL DREAM - st [Retrospect Records remastered / Previously Unreleased] full

As requested we have here the Retrospect Records release of RADICAL DREAM‘s recordings from 1990 and 1991, for the first time on CD remastered to get the best sound quality possible.
RADICAL DREAM is an American five piece performing ’80s US metal / hard rock driven by shard guitar riffs & solos. This is the kind of material that will definitely appeal to fans and collectors of underground 80s-style street metal, all with melody and interesting arrangements.
Formed in 1987 in Pennsylvania, RADICAL DREAM was called by local press as ‘The Cutting Edge of Heavy Metal’, and seems the 5-piece made some noise in the circuit. In 1990 the band recorded a demo, which ended up becoming a mini-album released by themselves on cassette.
That recording plus additional 1991 tapes are included into this CD, all strong material and with good quality sound.
Highly Recommended


01 – Crazy Girl
02 – Fight
03 – No Goodbyes
04 – Rock Me
05 – Suicidal
06 – Tears
07 – Guitar Solo
08 – Now You See Me (Now You Don’t)

Tim Stover – Vocals
Frank Garcia – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Rick Garcia – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Rob Boyer – Drums, Backing Vocals
Erik Claxon – Bass, Backing Vocals


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