WICKED – The Last American Rock Band (2022)

WICKED - The Last American Rock Band (2022) full

WICKED is a 4-piece from Rochester NY, a 4-piece in their twenties with an endless love for ’80s-style melodic hard rock. A young American band playing real rock n’ roll on their newest album, ”The Last American Rock Band”, a fun, rocking, and very entertaining CD.
To me they are what rock ‘n roll should be especially for this new generation. In a world filled with auto-tune pop singers, American Idol and The Voice. Wicked offers you something none of the others do, a fresh perspective on a classic feel.
Wicked lives for rock n’ roll. The kind that lights a fire in your blood and puts that crazy in your eyes.

”The Last American Rock Band” is a celebration of the songs, stages, and fans that have made the band who they are over the years and brings a melodic hard rock mix of fan favorites, as well as a couple never heard before tracks, all produced by 6x Grammy-winning producer Ignacio Molino.
The album is the perfect representation of what the band has become known for over the years; a high energy, fun hard rock act, built on delivering an over-the-top live show with bombastic songs, and is high energy rock n’ roll built on the classics and inspired by the now.

Getting into the album you kick things off with “American Rock and Roller”. This did appear on their 2018 album, but to me, this is a completely different mix you can hear the thickness of it and this isn’t the only one that they approved upon such songs such as, “Time Has Come to Rock, High Roller”, and “Thick As Thieves” seemed to have a much better deeper and much better production across the board, giving it a more modern sound and vibe.
The track called “Sinner” just doesn’t have a better production value, but the arrangement is different as well. The new songs “New York Tough”, and “Hot Stage Lights” showcase what talent all four members of Wicked have.

The guys from Wicked want to play. They already have another new album ready to be dropped so expect more from the guys soon. They show no signs of stopping anytime soon. So, why not just enjoy some good simple fun rock and roll music.
That is what Wicked is about. They aren’t preaching, they’re not high and mighty, nor are they cocky multimillionaires. They are rock fans like you and me and enjoy doing their craft, and they’re very good at it!

If you’re one of those people who is always looking for something new in the rock scene, this band is a gimme. I will speak to those of you who are stuck in the 70’s and 80’s that think there still isn’t anything new out there worth listening to.
You owe it to yourself to give Wicked a shot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and thanking me.
Highly Recommended


01 – American Rock n’ Roller
02 – New York Tough
03 – Hooligans
04 – Time Has Come to Rock
05 – High Roller
06 – Sinner
07 – Thick as Thieves
08 – Hot Stage Lights

Chad Michaels – vocals, guitar
Danny Doll – bass, backing vocals
Scotty V. – guitar
Gunner – drums



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