STEVE PERRY – The Vault [B-sides, unreleased, collaborations] 0dayrox compilation

STEVE PERRY - The Vault [B-sides, unreleased, collaborations] 0dayrox compilation full

As requested many times, here’s our very own STEVE PERRY compilation ”The Vault”, many times copy/pasted over the internet and even bootlegged on CD. Put together celebrating Perry’s comeback with a new album, “The Vault” includes unreleased rarities, demos, contributions and B-sides.
Officially released, but exclusive to the CD Maxi-Single is the ‘single version’ of “You Better Wait” remixed (not the edit version appeared in The Best Of Steve Perry), and “Missing You (Writing Session)” a B-side, exclusive to its CDsingle, a must listen to intimate version where you can appreciate Perry’s unique vocals.

We have as well quite unknown contributions by Steve Perry for other artists, such as the superb duet with David Pack in ‘A Brand New Start’, his lead vocals for the great song of Jeff Golub ‘Can’t Let You Go’, the song recorded for Quest For Camelot Soundtrack (I Stand Alone), or the very rare 2 demo recordings from 1976 with guitarist Forrest McDonald, featuring a very young Perry pre-Journey.

While on other tracks like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s ‘Soldiers Of Peace’, America’s ‘Can’t Fall Asleep To A) Lullaby’ or Clannad’s ‘White Fool’ Steve Perry mostly contribute harmony vocals only, you can taste his touch and diversity despite the different musical genres.

And then there’s the rarities, all demos from different sessions, all with quite good audio quality.
There’s songs from the Street Talk album sessions, some tracks ended into the final tracklist, but many remain unreleased. We find as well songs from For The Love Of Strange Medicine, and Alien Project sessions.
Among the gems there’s the rocking AOR of ‘Lost Angels’, the very Journey-like ‘Let Him Go’, the punchy ‘Let It Rock You’, or the elegant midtempo ‘Go Away’ among others.
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01 – You Better Wait (Single Version)
02 – Missing You (Writing Session) [B-side]
03 – Lost Angels
04 – Foolish Heart (Demo version)
05 – Captured By The Moment (Demo version)
06 – She’s Mine (Demo version)
07 – Let Him Go
08 – Let It Rock You
09 – Go Away
10 – It’s Only Love
11 – I Believe
12 – With a Tear
13 – Don’t Tell Me You’re Leaving
14 – Walk Your Face Right Out of Here
15 – Oh Sherrie (karaoke version)
16 – I Stand Alone [Quest For Camelot OST]
17 – David Pack & Steve Perry – A Brand New Start
18 – Jeff Golub – Can’t Let You Go (feat Steve Perry)
19 – Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young – Soldiers Of Peace (feat Steve Perry)
20 – Clannad – White Fool (feat Steve Perry)
21 – Forrest McDonald – It’s Over (feat. Steve Perry)
22 – Forrest McDonald – Dreams Reality (feat. Steve Perry)
23 – America – (Can’t Fall Asleep To A) Lullaby (feat Steve Perry)
24 – Something To Hide [very rare old demo]


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