ARMORED SAINT – March Of The Saint [Rock Candy remastered +3] HQ

ARMORED SAINT - March Of The Saint [Rock Candy remastered +3] HQ full

Metal Blade Records has just reissued ARMORED SAINT full length debut album “March Of The Saint” in its original, regular version. However, we recommend this Rock Candy Records ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ release, not only sporting a fantastic sound quality but also 3 extra tracks.
One of the most commercial melodic metal albums appeared in the first half of the ’80s is without a doubt “March Of The Saint“, the debut LP by American five-piece ARMORED SAINT. Formed in Los Angeles in the early ’80s, Armored Saint were part of an explosive US West Coast metal scene that included the likes of Dokken, Malice, Ratt, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue and Metallica.
By 1984 they were signed up to a major (Chrysalis) and recorded their debut album with producer Michael James Jackson, fresh from working with a rejuvenated Kiss. The result was “March Of The Saint” – hailed by Kerrang! magazine as having ‘more balls than a snooker marathon’, and generally regarded as one of the era’s finest metal releases.

The debut album yielded a minor MTV hit with ‘Can U Deliver’, an anthemic, melodic strong metal / hard rock number. But vocalist Joey Vera later recalled that it was not the sound they wanted, explaining that producer Jackson approach was much more commercial than the traditional heavy metal sound the band had wanted.
And indeed, “March Of The Saint” has not the heavy sound the band would develop later, but instead, it’s a great piece of edgy hard rock / American metal with a glossy sound.

With songs like ‘Seducer’, ‘Mutiny On the World’, the title track, and the killer ‘Can U Deliver’ (sure they can!), Armored Saint proved that they rocked as hard as anyone.
Shifting gears on ‘Take A Turn’, the closest thing to a ballad on the album, singer Bush gives perhaps his most emotional and inspired vocal effort.
This album is all meat, with no filler material. Lots of memorable riffs, soaring vocals and melodic guitar solos.

ARMORED SAINT - March Of The Saint [Rock Candy remaster] back

In many ways, with “March Of The Saint” Armored Saint created a sub-gengre in the American rock music scene. At the time there was the hair/glam metal and the rising thrash metal movements dominating the clubs.
“March Of The Saint”, however, was different than the other material being released by American bands. They weren’t rippin’ thrash yet they weren’t pretty boys either. Armored Saint were a band with their own sound at the time. It’s like they took some Euro metal styles such as NWOBHM and mixed it with some classic hard rock.
The result was really original for the era – at least in America – powerful but really melodic, with a superb sound production.

If you never heard Armored Saint’s “March Of The Saint” and like the edgy side of Dokken, Impellitteri, WASP, etc, you should try this really good record. For those already aware of its quality, this excellent Rock Candy remaster is a must, plus 3 bonus tracks.
Highly Recommended


01 – March Of The Saint
02 – Can U Deliver
03 – Mad House
04 – Take A Turn
05 – Seducer
06 – Mutiny On The World
07 – Glory Hunter
08 – Stricken By Fate
09 – Envy
10 – False Alarm
11 – March Of The Saint (24-track demo)
12 – Seducer (24-track demo)
13 – Mutiny On The World (24-track demo)

John Bush – vocals
Dave Prichard – guitars
Phil Sandoval – guitars
Joey Vera – bass
Gonzo Sandoval – drums



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