DARE – Out Of The Silence [A&M / Universal / YesterRock Remastered]

DARE - Out Of The Silence [A&M / Universal / YesterRock Remaster] full

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Melodic Rock legends DARE first album “Out Of The Silence” without any doubt marks one of the most important milestones in British Rock history and is one of these day’s most sought after releases. Thanks to the kind collaboration with Universal Music, “Out Of The Silence” was digitally remastered from the original tapes by YesterRock’s resident engineer Tony Ubler.
Consisting of the exceptional musicians Darren Wharton (ex Thin Lizzy), guitarist Vinny Burns (ex TEN, Jailbait) and James Ross (ex Frontier), “Out Of The Silence” offers anything a fan of true Melodic Rock / AOR can dream of.

The tracklist includes classic tracks such as the awesome “Abandon” (a total AOR gem), the killer “Runaway”, and the hymn “Into The Fire”, one of the greatest songs ever produced from the MR / AOR genre.
Both “Nothing Is Stronger Than Love” and “Return The Heart” are prime examples of Darren Wharton’s smooth and emotional vocal delivery, while numbers like “King Of Spades” and the ballad “Don’t Let Go” showcases Vinnie Burns immense talent on the six-strings.
With this album, Dare, at the heydays of this sound in the late ’80s, hit the charts in numerous countries and toured successfully with acts such as Europe, Jimmy Page Band or Gary Moore.

DARE - Out Of The Silence [A&M / Universal / YesterRock Remaster] back cover

This is it; “Out Of The Silence” is one of the all-time classic AOR / Melodic Rock albums that have you singing those superb harmonies and humming the brilliant guitar / keyboard riffs over and over again. A true Masterpiece for the genre.
This one was requested by a reader to be presented here, go ahead a request yours!
BTW, the sound of this remaster is excellent, has to be heard to be believed.


01 – Abandon
02 – Into the Fire
03 – Nothing Is Stronger Than Love
04 – Runaway
05 – Under the Sun
06 – The Raindance
07 – King of Spades
08 – Heartbreaker
09 – Return the Heart
10 – Don’t Let Go

Darren Wharton (Vocals, Keyboards)
Vinny Burns (Guitars)
Brian Cox (Keyboards)
Shelley (Bass)
James Ross (Drums)



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