DIRTY LOOKS – Dirty Looks ’84 [FnA remaster + bonus] HQ

DIRTY LOOKS - Dirty Looks '84 [FnA remaster + bonus] HQ full

And this one was requested too: DIRTY LOOKS’ very first indie album from 1984, later released in Europe by Axe Killer Records in 1985, but never available on CD until this FnA remastered reissue featuring new artwork and five bonus tracks, including the very rare “Dirty Looks 1984 EP”, a tape originally distributed in limited quantities.
For many this is the best DIRTY LOOKS; raw, in your face raunchy rock n roll to the hilt. This is early Dirty Looks, riff driven and plenty of swirling solos with that 1983-84 American hard rock scene explosion heavy sound.
Dirty Looks ’84” showcases a band hungry for recognition – they just wanted to rock.

When Erie, Pennsylvania cover band Crossfire called it a day, Danish born vocalist/guitarist, Henrik Ostergaard, and fellow Crossfire bassist Jimmy Chartley packed up and headed to the west coast (San Francisco to be exact)… and Dirty Looks was born.
With a small self-titled ep already under their belt, Dirty Looks would release its first full length album of the same name in 1984 on Sticky Records. Axe Killer Records (France) would pick up this album a year later and give it a bigger production.

Meanwhile, back in the states, bands like Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, and Ratt were putting a very public face on hard rock music. So it was really no wonder why local radio stations were spinning Dirty Looks, especially with the lofty comparisons to Bon Scott and AC/DC. However, trials and tribulations would eventually cause the band to break-up and head back to Pennsylvania.

Dirty Looks would eventually regroup with the addition of bassist Jack Pyers. The band with the core duo of Henrik and Jack would then release two more independently produced albums in the next two years before being signed by Atlantic.
Great, raw hard rockin’ stuff. Highly Recommended


01 – You Can’t Take Me
02 – Crazy, Crazy
03 – Get Back
04 – She’s A Rocker
05 – Get Off
06 – Wild Child
07 – Told You So
08 – Get Ready
09 – On Your Back
10 – I Love You
11 – And I Do {Bonus Track}
12 – Hold Tight {Bonus Track} [from the Dirty Looks EP]
13 – She’s On Top {Bonus Track} [from the Dirty Looks EP]
14 – My TIme {Bonus Track} [from the Dirty Looks EP]
15 – Tell Me {Bonus Track} [from the Dirty Looks EP]

Henrik Ostergaard – Vocals, Guitars
Jimmy Chartley – Bass
Paul Anthony – Drums
Tracks 12-15 taken from “Dirty Looks EP” 1984


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