JO DOG & PAUL BLACK’s SONIC BOOM – Everybody Rains On My Parade (2022)

JO DOG & PAUL BLACK's SONIC BOOM - Everybody Rains On My Parade (2022) full

A brief look at the history of Jo Dog and Paul Black will give you some insight into what music they may be offering the listener with their project JO DOG & PAUL BLACK’s SONIC BOOM and the new CD titled “Everybody Rains On My Parade“.
Jo Dog was a founder member of Dogs D’Amour, moved to LA and joined up with Shooting Gallery (Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks solo project) and then Guns N’ Roses Gilby Clarke. Paul Black was the original vocalist for L.A. Guns.
As you see pedigree musicians from the US scene, and the best part of it is the chemistry they got together: this is timeless bluesy rock n’ roll inspired by the greats. Read The Rolling Stones, the Faces, Mott (The Hopple), Aerosmith, Bad Company, and more contemporary if you like: Quireboys, Black Crowes, Gilby Clarke etc.
The band consists of Muddy Stardust on bass and keys (and Co-production), Dennis Morehouse on drums, Tony Snow on percussion, Chris Joyner on keys, Tony Babylon on bass and together with Dog & Black they make for a mighty noise.

What you get is sloppy, meandering and utterly delightful classic rock in the manner of the British artists who so impressed their American cousins – touches of ‘Exile’ period Rolling Stones, The Faces, The Kinks – with added elements of American Blues, Mexicali, even Dylan.
The catchy refrain of ‘Tree For Shade’ reminds you of so many things from The Stones to Dylan to The Dogs (especially that guitar solo) but when they break it down it’s so much more. This is cracking Blues tinged Rock with Pop sensibilities and absolutely no regard for trends or fashion.

The title track has Beatlesque touches in a massively infectious pop-rocker while ‘High Price To Lead A Low Life’ is a delicious ballad with some superb slide guitar – again, top class pop. You even get touches of Chas N’ Dave on the uproarious ‘Dead In The Water’.
‘Dead in the Water’ is another highlight, a dirty Stonsey blues boogie, and if that’s not enough for you the fun ‘Sugar Mama’ adds plenty of good times and sounds almost like a Bluesy Beatles channeling a Blues-fixated Tom Petty.

For the end we have the ballad ‘With Regards From Hell’, a great bluest midtempo which seems taken from the first Dogs D’amour album, full of Seventies atmospheres.
The whole album is good to listen to as it switches from one style to another and really comes out as superior to many current releases. Timeless classic rock crafted by two cats that know a thing or two about it…
Highly Recommended


01 – Put on the Kettle
02 – Tree for Shade
03 – Up for the Late Show
04 – Blue Like the Morning
05 – You’re Home
06 – High Price to Lead a Low Life
07 – Dead in the Water
08 – Everybody Rains on My Parade
09 – Sugar Mama
10 – Mi Vida Loca
11 – Jesus Drives a Schoolbus
12 – With Regards from Hell

Paul Black – vocals
Jo ‘Dog’ Almeida – guitars
Tony Babylon – bass
Dennis Morehouse – drums
Tony Snow – percussion
Chris Joyner – keys
Muddy Stardust – bass, keys, producer


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