LAST TEMPTATION – Fuel For My Soul (2022)

LAST TEMPTATION - Fuel For My Soul (2022) full

LAST TEMPTATION will release their new album ”Fuel For My Soul” on 20th May, on Crusader Records. The band took their time to write & rehearse the new songs, and had over 40 demos. Eventually, the band narrowed down the tracks to a list of 11 songs they wanted to have on the record.
They recorded live all the rhythm tracks, bass, drums and guitars giving the material lively feel, still retaining their Ozzy influences but adding a groovy, bluesy hard rock edge with an 80’s vibe.
LAST TEMPTATION ignite a massive cracker right at the start with the opener “Ashes and Fire”. Singer Butcho Vukovic roars energetically and the whole hard rockers is fueled by grandiose riffs. The chorus is melodic and immediately sticks in your head.

The range of songs is varied; you can rock hard (“Stronger Than Fate” with a furious ending), go groovy heavy (“Caroussel Of Hell”) or go back to Ozzy’s classic style (“I Don’t Wanna Be Your God”). There’s a new rhythm section for this album and does a great job providing the necessary drive and punch.
Peter Scheithauer’s great leads and fabulous guitar solos sound mercilessly good and always provide inspired moments. There are plenty of examples of this on the album, such as the title song “Fuel For My Soul , which is a joy as a lively, hot desert rock number with a melodious solo.
I also find “In The Mirror” very interesting with its changes between melodic, melancholic and strong rocking sides.

“I Don’t Wanna Be Your God” convinces with bold, dark riffs, which initially appear ponderous and the melodic voice overlays them. The mood changes in the song are cleverly arranged and in between a cool groove develops, which also has a bit of Nineties touch on it.

LAST TEMPTATION have crafted a bad ass record in “Fuel For My Soul”. The pistons ignite in full force and the sound rocks crisp and juicy out of the speakers.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ashes and Fire
02 – I Believe
03 – Stronger Than Fate
04 – I Don’t Wanna Be Your God
05 – Fuel for my Soul
06 – Carousel of Hell
07 – Free, Strong and Loud
08 – In the Mirror
09 – Main Attraction
10 – The Answer
11 – Going Crazy

Peter Scheithauer – guitars
Butcho Vukovic – vocals
Julien Rimaire – bass
Vince Brisach – drums


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