STORMWAVE – Heroes Of The Night ’87 (2022 reissue)

STORMWAVE - Heroes Of The Night '87 (2022 reissue) full

After being bootlegged many times, tomorrow will be reissued “Heroes Of The Night“, the last album from Austrian rockers STORMWAVE. Originally released in 1987 on vinyl LP only in Europe, the album has become a collectors piece since then.
STORMWAVE formed in the first half of the ’80s with a hard n’ heavy sound inspired by the greats form the genre, from Scorpions to UFO, and managed to release an album. However, in 1986 and with Joey Tempest / Europe explosion all over the world, STORMWAVE shifted to a more commercial, accessible sound.
One quick look at the band pictured on the album cover and you can see a change of image. Buy while adding a dose of keyboards / synths into the music, “Heroes Of The Night” as a whole pretty rocks.

This is fun second half of the Eighties melodic hard rock with an Euro sound similar to Karo, Roko, Trans Am, Mydra, and of course, Europe (the band).
Production is fine for an indie, and while this reissue isn’t remastered sound quality is good, for the first time available world-wide.
Highly recommended lost ’80s stuff


01 – Overture
02 – Heroes of the Night
03 – Cold as Ice
04 – Midnight Lover
05 – No More Illusions
06 – Cries in the Wind
07 – The Sign on the Wall
08 – Time to Cry
09 – Dreamin’
10 – Purple Light

Horst Adamer – Lead vocals
Manfred Margreiter – Guitars, Vocals
Klaus Margreiter – Guitars, Vocals
Bronson – Bass, Vocals
Gunther Kopf – Drums


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