DEF LEPPARD – Diamond Star Halos [Japan SHM-CD Deluxe Edition +2] (2022)

DEF LEPPARD - Diamond Star Halos [Japan SHM-CD Deluxe Edition +2] (2022) full

Diamond Star Halos” is the brand new album from DEF LEPPARD, their first since their chart topping self-titled Def Leppard record in 2015. Written by the band over the past two years it features 15 tracks including the anthemic, stadium-ready singles “Kick” and “Fire It Up”, with guest vocals from Alison Krauss on “This Guitar” and “Lifeless”. The album title references T. Rex’s “Bang a Gong (Get It On)” with nods to T.Rex, David Bowie and Mott The Hoople across the album, which mixes the sound of their classic spirit with modern fire.
This limited Deluxe Edition features two bonus tracks “Goodbye For Good This Time – Avant-garde Mix” and “Lifeless – Joe Only version” presented in a different, full colour cover on a digipak sleeve (the regular version cover art is black/white).

For the most part, new album ”Diamond Star Halos” points toward paying tribute to all wonderful glam of the ’70s (David Bowie, T. Rex, Sweet, Mott the Hoople, etc.) by which Def Leppard says its influenced. But the band already did that in 2006 with its covers album, ‘Yeah’.
“Diamond Star Halos” is low on shiny bells and high-tech whistles, but it compensates by being (mainly) full of simple, heartfelt and punchy songs.

“Take What You Want”, “Kick” and “Fire It Up” provide a perfect opening trilogy, with all the giant hooks, glam-meets-metal riffs and expensive but understated production anyone could possibly need.
“This Guitar” and “Angels (Can’t Help You Now)” depict the LEPs in languid, country rock mode, aided hugely by two stunning guest vocals from ALISON KRAUSS and some beautiful guitar solos.

“Lifeless” and “SOS Emergency” are a little darker and grittier than their counterparts, with both existing in a similar sonic ballpark to the ageless “Animal”.
“From Here To Eternity” is a wonderfully crafted ballad: ’70s glam flamboyance colliding with some classic LEPPARD vocal harmonies; then “Liquid Dust” is a joyously schmaltzy salute to ELTON JOHN and THE BEATLES with elegant waves of stirring strings.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a DEF LEPPARD record without a couple of major clangers. “U Rok Mi” is as lyrically feeble and goofy as its title suggests (and yes, they definitely do this stuff on purpose!), while “Gimme A Kiss” is a classic, simple and effective hard rocker.
The overall feeling is Def Lepp are really enjoying recording this album, now it’s time for you enjoying listening.
Highly Recommended


01 – Take What You Want
02 – Kick
03 – Fire It Up
04 – This Guitar
05 – SOS Emergency
06 – Liquid Dust
07 – U Rok Mi
08 – Goodbye For Good This Time
09 – All We Need
10 – Open Your Eyes
11 – Gimme A Kiss
12 – Angels (Can’t Help You Now)
13 – Lifeless
14 – Unbreakable
15 – From Here To Eternity
Deluxe Edition bonus tracks::
16 – Goodbye For Good This Time (Avant-garde Mix)
17 – Lifeless (Joe Only Version)


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