JOHN O’BANION – John O’Banion [Vivid Sound SHM-CD Remastered +2]

JOHN O'BANION - John O'Banion [Vivid Sound SHM-CD Remastered +2] full

Some time ago we featured here JOHN O’BANION‘s self-titled gem “John O’Banion” in its remastered version Japan pressing on SHM-CD. Now we have here Vivid Sound Records same release / SHM but including two bonus tracks.
“John O’Banion” is, without a doubt, a classic, and one of the first albums ever mixing equal parts of upbeat pumping AOR and West Coast-styled AOR. Part of this success is the pair of brilliant producers in Richie Zito (providing the glossy, almost rocking sound) and expertised Joey Carbone, responsible for the smooth, delicated West Coast oriented tracks. Both as well play instruments all over the recording.
Add to that several monsters from the L.A. Session crew such as Dennis Belfield, Carlos Vega, Bobby Kimball or Lenny Castro and you have a top notch product.

In fact, in the sonic department, “John O’Banion” feels pretty much ahead of its time with a sound which became a staple for the genre only two or three years after.
But alongside that sumptuous production, the real star here is O’Banion’s incredible voice.
The best example is opener ‘Love You Like I Never Loved Before’ (O’Banion’s most famous song) where he showcases an unbelievable display of vocal range, tone and powerful delivery.
This terrific song combines strong rock power chords with tender balladic lyrics which wasn’t very common at the time but which was quickly imitated ever since. The AOR / West Coast marriage we talked about earlier.

The rest of the album is fantastic as well, from the pretty muscular keyboard driven AOR of ‘Love Is Blind’ – a style marvelously developed by Franke And The Knockouts later – to the ridiculously melodic ‘Come To My Love’. Of course you have velvety ballads such as the smooth heaven of ‘Love Is In Your Eyes’ and the soaring ‘She’s Not For You’.

The quality of this “John O’Banion” release on SHM-CD is outstanding. This ‘Vivid Sound Records’ is the one to get – it’s out of print, but if you find a fine used copy go for this one – as it includes two worthwhile bonus tracks
A Must Have in your early ’80s AOR collection

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Vivid Sound Corporation / Light Mellow’s Classics
【SHM-CD | VSCD-3514】

01 – Love You Like I Never Loverd Before
02 – You’re In My Life Again
03 – Love Is Blind
04 – Our Love Can Make It
05 – Love Is In Your Eyes
06 – Come To My Love
07 – Take A Chance On Love
08 – Walk Away Renee
09 – If You Love Me
10 – She’s Not For You
11 – Something About Your Love
12 – Greener Pastures

John O’Banion – lead vocals
Richie Zito – guitars, keyboards
Joey Carbone – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Dennis Belfield – bass
Carlos Vega – drums
James Newton Howard – strings
Sid Sharp – concertmaster
Lenny Castro – percussion
Bobby Kimball, Jimmy Haas, Jon Joyce, Stan Farber – backing vocals


out of print

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