PALACE – One 4 The Road (2022)

PALACE - One 4 The Road (2022) full

PALACE, the brainchild of Swedish based vocalist & multi-instrumentalist Michael Palace, returns with a fourth album, “One 4 The Road” to be released on Frontiers Music next weekend. Once again, Michael handles all the instrumentation, songwriting and production for the effort, which showcases his love for the imagery and sounds of the glorious ‘80s.
“One 4 The Road” is an unabashedly massive AOR / Melodic Rock album, as has come to be expected from this gifted Swede’s output under the Palace moniker. Palace’s sound can best be described as a carefully curated blend of all the greatest arena rock, AOR, and hard rock from the 80’s delivered in a tight-knit package.
Unforgettable choruses, virtuosic guitars, clever lyricism, and a true passion for the retro aesthetic… Palace tickles the nostalgia nerve, while maintaining a firm foothold in the now.

Michael Palace first began collaborating with Frontiers as a songwriter and guitarist for First Signal, which of course features legendary Harem Scarem vocalist Harry Hess, Cry of Dawn featuring Goran Edman, Kryptonite featuring The Poodles vocalist Jakob Samuel, and Pride Of Lions vocalist Toby Hitchcock.
Those successful (and musically delightful) collaborations led to a deal with Frontiers where Michael could deliver songs in his own vision without other musicians in mind under the name Palace.

Fans of Palace’s previous three releases, “Master Of The Universe”, “Binary Music”, and “Rock and Roll Radio”, will have no shortage of joy upon hearing this latest entry into Michael Palace’s impressive and growing catalog.
Highly Recommended


01 – Fifteen Minutes
02 – Westbound
03 – Too Old For This
04 – Money Can Kill
05 – The Driver
06 – Time Crisis
07 – Facing The Music
08 – World Gone Mad
09 – Living The Life
10 – Cancel The Flight
11 – Loneliest Night

Michael Palace – All Instruments, Songwriting, & Production


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