STEELOVER – May God Be With You [2nd Unreleased Album] (1986)

STEELOVER - May God Be With You [2nd Unreleased Album] (1986)full

Melodic Hard Rockers STEELOVER are back in business next Friday, August 26, with a new album, their first since their debut LP in 1984. We featured both here at 0dayrox, however the group recorded an album in 1985-1986 which was intended to be the follow up of debut ‘Glove Me’. And it really worth a listen.
After enjoying considerable success with their well received debut record, touring all over Europe and performing in festivals, lead singer Vince Castillo decided to pursue a solo career.
Drummer Rudy Lenners (ex Scorpions) suggested to replace Vince with a female vocalist, and give the band a fresh push. Enter future Vaya Con Dios singer Dani Klein and they stated to work on new songs.

With a female-fronted melodic hard rock style typically mid-Eighties and a slightly ‘Americanized’ sound, STEELOVER recorded the pre-production demos for the upcoming second LP “May God Be With You“. However, Klein leave the band soon after and the album never recorded, with these songs remaining unreleased.
The recording / sound quality of these pre-production tapes are pretty good, also the songs, all well written rockers with melodic guitars and strong female vocals.
Highly Recommended


01 – Go On
02 – Shock Me Up With Rock n’ Roll
03 – Made For Each Other
04 – Love Is No Game
05 – Wild And Free
06 – Satan’s Sister
07 – Heartbreaker
08 – Jezebel Woman
09 – Touch And Go

Dani Klein – Vocals (Vaya Con Dios)
Mel Presti – Guitars
Pat Freson – Guitars
Nico Gardi – Bass
Rudy Lenners – Drums (ex- Scorpions)



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