FANS OF THE DARK – Suburbia (2022)

FANS OF THE DARK - Suburbia (2022) - full

Frontiers Music will release next weekend the sophomore release from Sweden’s FANS OF THE DARK, “Suburbia“. The album is a sequel of sorts to the band’s self-titled debut, following similar themes, both musically and lyrically and even with the theme of the artwork, while seeing the band continuing to evolve.
Drummer Freddie Allen’s vision for the band is to do as the great hard rock and metal bands of the ’70s and ’80s did, which was to constantly work on their craft and release new music with regularity. In keeping with that vision, the band set to work on their second album quickly after the release of their self-titled debut. “Suburbia” follows more or less exactly one year after said debut, which was released in the fall of 2021.
“It is pretty much a sibling to the first album, with similar themes and ideas, only this time going deeper into the world where most of us grew up, and where we first got in touch with hard rock music, horror films on VHS, 80’s teen culture, and all else that shaped us – the suburbs,” says Freddie Allen, main songwriter and founder of the band, of “Suburbia”.

For this new album, Allen and vocalist Alex Falk are once again joined by guitarist Oscar Bromvall and new bassist Rickard Gramfors. The album spans eight tracks (another reference back to those glory days of the ’70s and ’80s), including two epic songs, ‘The Pirates Of Maine’ and ‘Restless Soul’, around the eight minute mark.

Fans of the band’s debut will be enthralled with the band’s second offering. Melodic hard rock fans looking for genre innovation and a break from ‘the norm’ will certainly be wise to check out this striking breath of fresh air in the scene.
It’s really cool stuff with constant references to the ’80s. Highly Recommended.


01 – Night of the living dead
02 – The Pirates of Maine
03 – Fantasia
04 – Sick! Sick! Sick!
05 – Fright Night
06 – Fans of the Dark
07 – The Goblin King
08 – Restless Soul

Alex Falk – vocals
Oscar Bromvall – guitars
Rickard Gramfors – bass
Freddie Allen – drums


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