BABY ANIMALS – 25th Anniversary (Remastered Deluxe Edition) + iTunes Excluive Bonus

BABY ANIMALS - 25th Anniversary (Remastered Deluxe Edition) + iTunes Bonus - full

BABY ANIMALS, one of the most successful Australian Rock bands of all time celebrated the 25th Anniversary of their self-titled debut with this “Baby Animals 25th Anniversary Remastered Deluxe Edition“, featuring the milestone main album with refreshed artwork, plus a complete previously unreleased live concert. Additionally, there’s rare and hard to find B-sides.
“Baby Animals 25th Anniversary Remastered Deluxe Edition” CD version (now out of print) only was released in Australia, and digitally you only can find it in iTunes Australia – not Europe, nor America – but you have it here at 0dayrox.

“Baby Animals” album debuted at number six on the ARIA Album Charts and spent six weeks at number one, eventually going 8 times platinum and becoming the highest-selling debut Australian rock album of all time (until the release of Jet’s Get Born 12 years later). In October 2010, ‘Baby Animals’ was listed in the book 100 Best Australian Albums of All Time.
This held the record for good reasons too, released in a time when the future of Rock and Roll was uncertain, this album really paved the way for some aspiring young Australian Rock artists and really showed what Australia could offer.

“Baby Animals” has clean production, with the focus being on Suze DeMarchi’s powerful vocals and the melodic hooks. The bluesy riffing style of Dave Leslie is unique and welcome, in a time when every guitarist just wanted to shred it up and become the next Satriani.
The album starts off with the fast paced, exciting “Rush You” and then onto the most known song “Early Warning”. After a speedy beginning, the band bring it back with the emotional “Painless” and “Make It End”.
It goes on like this (fast song, slow song) for a while until my personal favorite song on the album “Ain’t Gonna Get”, a song about Suze not just sleeping with any man. It’s a bombastic and high octane song, which is a great ending to a great album.

This 25th Anniversary Remastered Deluxe Edition features a previously unreleased concert taped at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on March 5th 1992, whilst the band were on tour with Van Halen.
It’s a killer set showcasing how rockin’ the band was onstage.

Additionally, the iTunes version (the only place to find the album as digital download) includes the hard to find b-sides; “Baby Animals” is a remastered b-side that originally appeared on the ‘Early Warning’ single, and “Dedicate” a remastered b-side that originally appeared on the ‘Painless’ single – plus two pre-production demos.

“Baby Animals 25th Anniversary Remastered Deluxe Edition” is a killer release with a superb remastered sound and a great opportunity to re-discover this great hard rock / melodic pock&pop band.
Unfortunately, this physical CD is available in Australia only, but you have it here worldwide at 0dayrox.
Highly Recommended


CD 1: Baby Animals remastered
01 – Rush You
02 – Early Warning
03 – Painless
04 – Make It End
05 – Working For The Enemy
06 – One Word
07 – Break My Heart
08 – Waste Of Time
09 – One Too Many
10 – Ain’t Gonna Get

CD 2: Live From Boston [March 5th 1992]
01 – Rush You (Live from Boston)
02 – Somethings Are Better (Live From Boston)
03 – Baby Animals (Live from Boston)
04 – Working For The Enemy (Live from Boston)
05 – Big Boys (Live from Boston)
06 – Smile On My Face (Live from Boston)
07 – Painless (Live from Boston)
08 – One Word (Live from Boston)
09 – Waste Of Time (Live from Boston)
10 – One Too Many (Live from Boston)
11 – Ain’t Gonna Get (Live from Boston)
12 – Impossible To Fly (Live from Boston)
13 – Early Warning (Live from Boston)
14 – Fire (Live from Boston)

iTunes Bonus: B-sides & Demos:
25 – Baby Animals (B-side)
26 – Dedicate (B-side)
27 – One Word (Pre-Production Demo)
28 – Make It End (Pre-Production Demo)

Suze DeMarchi – guitar, vocals
Dave Leslie – guitar
Eddie Parise – bass
Frank Celenza – drums



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  1. Brent Angelo says:

    Love Baby Animals. Frustrating that the US iTunes does not have an option to get this cd and its iTunes only bonuses. Thank you.

  2. Gerry says:

    Excellent ! ! !

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