APRIL WINE – Power Play [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP remastered] (2016) HQ *Exclusive*

APRIL WINE - Power Play [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP remastered] (2016) HQ *Exclusive* - full

And now we have more from the sold out / not easy to find APRIL WINE Japanese reissues pressing on high quality SHM-CD, fully remastered, on a mini LP format faithfully replicating its first LP design.
Their tenth studio album, 1982’s ”Power Play”, makes justice to its title. Co-produced by band leader Myles Goodwyn and renowned Mike Stone, this album roars melodic catchy riffs and tons of harmonies. This is pure Canadian rock ‘n roll, hard rockin’, and the band also try something different on some tracks flirting with FM radio.
Because of that commercial approach on half the tracks many critics diminished ”Power Play” – in fact, it’s pretty much an extension of previous album ‘The Nature of the Beast’. The first half of the album is pure, classic APRIL WINE riffage, the on the second there’s place for midpaced rockers with a commercial, early MTV appeal.

The album contains a Billboard hit for Wine in “Enough is Enough” and also the minor radio hit “Anything You Want.” These two tunes are a couple of killer rock tracks that never get old. Add to that the songs “If You See Kay” and “What If We Fall in Love” and you have a more than strong album here.
Highly Recommended

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UICY~778334 【SHM-CD】

01 – Anything You Want, You Got It
02 – Enough Is Enough
03 – If You See Kay
04 – What If We Fall In Love
05 – Waiting On A Miracle
06 – Doin’ It Right
07 – Ain’t Got Your Love
08 – Blood Money
09 – Tell Me Why
10 – Runners In The Night

Myles Goodwyn – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Gary Moffet – guitars, background vocals
Steve Lang – bass, background vocals
Brian Greenway – vocals, guitars
Jerry Mercer – drums


Sold Out

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