ZEBRA – No Tellin’ Lies [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] *Exclusive*

ZEBRA - No Tellin' Lies [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] - full

Back in the day we featured here the Rock Candy remastered reissue of ZEBRA albums, however there was some distribution troubles with their “No Tellin’ Lies” release – and seems still, as none of the reissue CD are listed at RC website anymore. So this is the first time we post ‘No Tellin’ Lies [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]‘.
ZEBRA’s self-titled debut LP surprised everyone when it became the fastest selling debut in Atlantic Records existence, setting the scene for their follow up album of muscular / melodic tracks released in 1984. This success was due in no small part to the amount of road work that the band had put in during the years leading up to its release, helping to create a demand that was eager to be satiated. The fact that the music was highly praised in advance by critics didn’t hurt matters either.

Formed in New Orleans during the mid 70s, Zebra expanded their appeal by relocating to Long Island a few years later, helping to cement a dedicated fan base in two regions which gained them a record deal.
The resultant debut LP rapidly achieved Gold status, so the band recorded & released ‘No Tellin’ Lies next year.
Produced, once again, to exacting standards, by Jack ‘Aerosmith’ Douglas, the band took up the challenge by showcasing a concise, collection of tracks that easily outgunned their previous work.
Refining their powerful sound, the songs are both muscular and melodic, helping to craft a style, that was influenced in equal parts by Led Zeppelin and Rush, with an additional adventurous lyrical content that set them apart from the competition.

We have awesome airwavers in the ripping “Wait Until the Summer’s Gone” and the unique, AORish “Bears”, while “I Don’t Like It” and “Takin’ a Stance” ring true and rock mightily. The mid-tempo ballad “But No More” simply stands as one of the trio’s best songs.

Some time ago we featured at 0dayrox the Japanese remastered reissue on SHM-CD of “No Tellin’ Lies” , a release with a very good quality sound. This Rock Candy remastering job is also very good, with a little more gain. Both are really good remasters, you can compare, however if you find any on physical disc buy it as both are very hard to find.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


01 – Wait Until The Summer’s Gone
02 – I Don’t Like It
03 – Bears
04 – I Don’t Care
05 – Lullaby
06 – No Tellin’ Lies
07 – Takin’ A Stance
08 – But No More
09 – Little Things
10 – Drive Me Crazy

Randy Jackson – Guitar, lead vocals
Felix Hanemann – Bass, keyboards, vocals
Guy Gelso – Drums, vocals
Stan Bronstein – Sax, Synthesizers
Michael Finlayson – Programming
George Small – Piano



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