NUTZ – Nutz Too… [Rock Candy Remaster +1]

NUTZ - Nutz Too... [Rock Candy Remaster +1] (2018) full

As requested, the Rock Candy Records ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ reissue of NUTZ albums, officially released for the first time on CD. If NUTZ doesn’t ring a bell on you, they were a little sensation in UK during the Seventies, and in the ’80s the band changed its name to RAGE delivering 3 fantastic melodic hard rock albums.
NUTZ’s second album titled “Nutz Too…” is my favorite (still got a worn LP) including in this reissue a hard to find 7” single B-side.
Liverpool based quartet Nutz were signed to the hip and happening label A&M Records during the early Seventies and represented an emerging breed following in the grand footsteps of established master practitioners such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Queen.
Their debut LP gained positive applause and strong reviews. In addition to a healthy touring schedule it was a successful exercise in laying the ground work for the future.

So, with a positive reputation established, the group set about recording their follow-up album in London’s Trident studios utilizing, once again, producer John Anthony who had so successfully guided their debut. It was a wise move as the resultant record showed distinct maturity and a great gift for constructive arrangements.
It also continued to showcase the inventive guitar playing of Mick Devonport, Dave Lloyd’s mellifluous and uniquely identifiable voice, while John Mylett left to prove that he was one of the finest and hardest hitting drummers in the British scene (John was constantly being targeted by other bands to join their ranks including Iron Maiden).

Opener ‘Nature Intended’ starts with a flurry of descending chords from the guitar of Mr. Devonport before the rest of the band come crashing in with the main riff. This leaves you in no mind that you are listening to a lean mean Rock ‘n’ Roll machine. David Lloyd comes in with the vocals leading into the chorus that brings incredible melody to proceedings; then, after two verses and choruses played at breakneck speed, Mick takes the roof off the place with one of his trademark solos.

‘I Want Never Gets’ and the groovy ‘Take It From Me’ rock in a similar fashion, before ‘Dear Diary’ provides a different approach, which takes a leaf out of the Zeppelin / Jeff Beck school of music adding acoustics. It would of made a fabulous anthem if NUTZ had reached stadium filling capacity. I can see those tens of thousands of flickering lighters swaying now.
‘Is It All For Real’ is an out-and-out rocker with some tantalizing inter-play between the lead guitar and the rest of the band. It’s typical Seventies hard rock with British feel.

The next 3 songs are David Lloyd compositions, showcasing more variation and melodic approach. ‘Cool Me Down’ is a mid-paced heavy rock number with some Queen on it. ‘R.S.D’ is perhaps the most clever song in the Nutz barrel, switching from an acoustic opening with some more of Lloyd’s effect drenched vocals, crooning again about self-restraint, before the full electric band breaks back in with some astonishing guitar work by Devonport.
‘The Love That You Lost’ is one of the most moving songs of lost love ever recorded in a studio. Famous session player Paul Carrick was brought in to play the piano and an emotional intro he gives. David Lloyd sings his own lyrics with passion and power betraying the fact that the song was written through bitter experience.

NUTZ - Nutz Too... [Rock Candy Remaster +1] (2018) inside

Then the worm turns and the album crashes out with two pulsating rockers rejoicing in the joys of living life to its fullest. First up are three minutes of the break speed ‘Sinner’, where you can only marvel at the skills of both David Lloyd’s singing and the band’s playing.
The final song is ‘Knife Edge’, a song NUTZ always used to save as their encore in their live set, which brings the album to a storming conclusion with everybody being given the space to stretch out musically. Oh, unfortunately they do not make rockers like this anymore.

The bonus track ‘Long Ships’ was originally a single B-side only, impossible to find. It’s a rocker driven by a broken riff and hazy vocals with some Montrose on it.

NUTZ played and toured with all the renowned acts from the era, in the firm believe that one day they would hit the big time. Sadly, as history proved, the band never become the mega-stars everyone predicted, but they tried again in the ’80s as Rage delivering more awesome Rock music.
“Nutz Too…” rocks with lots of energy and melody, and this Rock Candy remaster it’s well rounded and not brickwalled.

The album cover features all four members of the band with fireball eyes captured by a beautiful model (hey, it was the Seventies), and that model was Linda Halpin, the sister of the world’s most famous Rock ‘n’ Roll photographer Ross Halpin, who took the pictures and did all the artwork for the boys.
After all this, do you need another reason to go out and get yourself a copy of “Nutz Too…”?
Highly Recommended


01 – Nature Intended
02 – I Want Never Gets
03 – Take It From Me
04 – Change’s Coming
05 – Dear Diary
06 – Is It All For Real
07 – Cool Me Down
08 – R.S.D.
09 – The Love You Lost
10 – Sinner
11 – Knife Edge
12 – Long Ships [B-Side]

Dave Lloyd – lead vocals, guitar
Mick Devonport – guitars, vocals
Keith Mulholland – bass, vocals
John Mylett – drums, percussion
Paul Carrick – guest keyboards



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