PERFECT PLAN – Brace for Impact (2022)

PERFECT PLAN - Brace for Impact (2022) - full

Out on Frontiers Music tomorrow, “Brace For Impact” is the much anticipated new, third studio album from awesome rockers PERFECT PLAN. Over the course of their first two albums, “All Rise” and “Time For A Miracle”, the Swedes have quickly established themselves as a new gold standard in not only the Scandinavian melodic rock genre, but the melodic rock genre as a whole.
“Brace For Impact” does nothing to slow that momentum and fans should do exactly as the album’s title says in preparation for their latest opus. Produced by the band, songwriting started in August 2021 for “Brace For Impact” and was wrapped up by the end of the year. The band then spent January of this year working on arrangements and pre-production work before starting the process of recording in the first week of February.
This is a great mixture between hard rock, melodic rock, and AOR in there… and some songs even have little elements of progressive rock and bluesier touches mixed in also.

Sometimes the stars align and create a perfect balance of talent within a group. A band like Perfect Plan is the “perfect” (pun intended) example of that: a superb singer, a well-oiled band of experienced players, and a great songwriting talent with a knack for unforgettable melodies and driving rhythms.
Add to that the right single released at the right time and Perfect Plan’s emergence as immediate rising stars on the melodic rock scene is no surprise. The song that “built” their reputation is of course the awesome “In and Out of Love,” the first single/video that kicked off the promotion of the band’s 2018 debut album “All Rise,” released on Frontiers in April of that year.
The band followed their debut album with the sophomore release “Time For A Miracle” in 2020. Hyperbole aside, it was a major step forward across the board. Opting for a slightly heavier and more “in your face” sound,

Perfect Plan matured and created an outstanding balance of melodies and energy, with the obvious references to the sound of the classics (think Foreigner, Survivor, The Storm, Giant, etc.) and Scandinavian AOR with a recognizable and personal feel.
So, after a stunning debut and sticking the landing with their second album, what does Perfect Plan have up their sleeve for an encore? Well, all we can say is…”Brace For Impact”!


01 – Surrender
02 – If Love Walks In
03 – Can’t Let You Win
04 – Gotta Slow Me Down
05 – Stop the Bleed
06 – My Angel
07 – Devil’s Got the Blues
08 – Bring Me a Doctor
09 – Still Undefeated
10 – Emelie
11 – Walk Through Fire

Kent Hilli – Lead vocals
Rolf Nordström – Guitar
Leif Ehlin – Keyboards
Fredrik Forsberg – Drums
Mats Byström – Bass


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This band reminds so much of Europe. The song THe devils got the blues would sit perfectly in the Superstitious album.

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