THE ROADS (Seven / Boston members) – Simple Man (2022)

THE ROADS (Seven / Boston members) - Simple Man (2022) - full

Some kind of a melodic rock super-group comprising singer Mick Devine from ’80s AORsters Seven and guitarist Gary Pihl (Boston, Sammy Hagar Band), “Simple Man” is the debut album from THE ROADS, including the services of renowned musicians such as Tracy Ferrie on Bass guitar (Stryper/Boston), Paul Taylor on Keyboards (Alice Cooper, Winger), Lawrence Gowan on Keyboards (Styx), and more.
The Roads is the perfect name for the collaboration of Mick Devine and Gary Pihl. Each musician has had a long journey from humble beginnings to incredible heights. Mick with the band Seven and his solo career and Gary as former Sammy Hagar Band and current guitarist with the band Boston have focussed their talents toward a new destination.
The seeds for this musical endeavour were first sown when Escape Music sent the Turkish Delight song, ‘Get Out Of Here’, to Gary Pihl so that he could add guitars to it.

Pihl wanted to know the identity of the singer for the song: Mick Devine of Escape Music artists, Seven. Never one to miss an opportunity, the label could see the chemistry developing and suggested they work together. “After about two minutes on the phone with Mick, I could tell he was a smart and talented guy with a great singing voice and eager to write some thoughtful lyrics and rocking songs,” says Pihl. “That’s what was most appealing to me.”

The songwriting throughout was an equal affair between Pihl and Devine. With Pihl adamant that he did not want it to sound like Boston, he certainly acknowledges that they have been inspired by every other band that’s come before them, but that they strived to be unique.
But great songs require great musicians and joining both Pihl and Devine in this exciting new adventure are a myriad of experienced recording artists.
According to Pihl, “using Mick’s son, Josh for drums, was the easiest choice.” Having worked with One Direction and Levara, his ideas set the stage for the rest of the musicians to lock into. With Pihl’s Boston partner of over ten years, Tracy Ferrie, joining on bass, the keyboard parts were deftly handled by session player Neil Miller and Winger’s Paul Taylor, an old band alumnus of Pihl’s from years ago.
With Lawrence Gowan graciously agreeing to play keys on three songs, Pihl had always admired his work with Styx and of course his own band, Gowan. Even though he was so busy with Styx, through the magic of remote recording, he was able to send his fantastic ideas.


01 – Let’s Not Let It End Like This
02 – Promise Me
03 – Simple Man
04 – How Long?
05 – It Will Be Alright
06 – No Way
07 – Avalanche
08 – Love so Strange
09 – Just Not the Same
10 – Love Lives in Promises
11 – Will You Believe in Me?
12 – Save You from Your Yesterdays

Mick Devine on vocals (Seven, solo artist)
Gary Pihl on guitars (Boston, Sammy Hagar)
special guests:
Josh Devine on drums (One Direction, Levara)
Tracy Ferrie on bass guitar (Stryper, Boston)
Paul Taylor on keyboards (Alice Cooper, Winger)
Lawrence Gowan on keyboards (Styx)
Neil Miller on keyboards
Lin Devine on background vocals
Ben Devine on additional vocals
Scott Pihl on additional guitar



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  1. Neil says:

    wow… this is great…. the production…clean crisp and clear…. no brick wall limiters here…. sounds analogue…… class..quality……….Boston influences for sure……classic rock..and Foreigner style melodies

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