HONEYMOON SUITE – ST [Rock Candy remastered +5] *HQ*

HONEYMOON SUITE - ST [Rock Candy remastered +5] *HQ* full

As requested here we have the Great rock Candy Records remastered reissue of Canadians HONEYMOON SUITE celebrated debut album “Honeymoon Suite” now with a crisp sound output and including 5 collectible bonus tracks.
Honeymoon Suite combination of catchy rhythms and fluffy radio-friendly melodies did wonderfully well on the Canadian charts, with the first four tracks hitting the singles charts, while “New Girl Now” also made a dent onto the US Billboard Charts. A Loverboy meets Journey style with a touch of refined pop, rough around the edges and striated with keyboards, much of this album contains hardened guitar work painted with up-tempo choruses that hold their own.

“New Girl Now” is a killer opener full of bluster and bite with the help of the guitar-driven melody, followed by the scorching “Burning In Love” and then the smooth caress of “Wave Babies”.
The fourth minor hit for the band was “Stay In The Light”, a more poppy / light melodic rock tune than the others but excellent as well.

Johnny Dee & Co. go AOR for the Harlequin influenced, tight rockin’ “Now That You Got Me”, and then blow the leaves out of the yard with the fast-paced “Funny Business”. David Tyson and Eddie Schwartz provide the songwriting goodies with “Heart On Fire”, a track Schwartz released three years earlier on his solo album.
The band return to some punchy AOR with “Turn My Head” followed by the hi-tech wizardry of “It’s Your Heart”, a workout for Coburn and his battery of synths. One of my favorites.
Album closer “Face To Face” is a mid-tempo semi-ballad rich in melodies and keyboards combining breezy moments with a stabbing attack.

HONEYMOON SUITE - ST [Rock Candy remaster + bonus] back cover

The Rock Candy remaster is really good, and you have the awesome bonuses only appeared previously on vinyl. I don’t know if the source of these bonuses are the master tapes, but the sound is great.
“Honeymoon Suite” is must have for any mid-Eighties AOR fan, and this remaster is Highly Recommended


01 – New Girl Now
02 – Burning In Love
03 – Wave Babies
04 – Stay In The Light
05 – Now That You Got Me
06 – Funny Business
07 – Heart On Fire
08 – Turn My Head
09 – It’s Your Heart
10 – Face To Face
11 – Stay In The Light (Remix)
12 – We Got The Night (Live)
13 – New Girl Now (Live)
14 – Stay In The Light (Extended Version)
15 – Wave Babies (Edited Version)

Johnnie Dee – lead vocals, guitar
Derry Grehan – lead guitar, vocals
Gary Lalonde – bass, vocals
Dave Betts – drums
Ray Coburn – keyboards, vocals
Bass on the album played by Brian Brackstone



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  1. Ray says:

    Those first 4 songs are still played daily on CDN classic hits and classic rock radio. I saw them open for Nazareth for this tour. They were heavier and edgier in concert, and guitarist Derry was (is) every bit as good as any other AOR band at the time.

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