KEN HENSLEY – Past & Present (Songs In Time) Anthology 1972-2021 [HNE/Cherry Red 6xCD Box Set] (2023)

KEN HENSLEY - Past & Present (Songs In Time) Anthology 1972-2021 [HNE/Cherry Red 6xCD Box Set] (2023) - full

Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records is releasing today “Past & Present (Songs In Time) Anthology 1972-2021“, a 6xCD Box Set celebrating the musical career of late, great KEN HENSLEY. Gracing albums of Uriah Heep finest moments, Blackfoot, John Wetton and more, Hensley is a reference whe we speak about Classic Rock keyboardists.
But Hensley also had a prolific solo career. This Box focuses on Hensley solo material since 1972 – all remastered – but also featuring a his most significant Heep songs, with Live Wire, and other collaborations.
‘Solo’ (CD1) focuses on gems from his first three solo albums, released by Bronze records between 1973 and 1981. Having made his way through the fertile music scene of the 1960s, Ken came to prominence when he joined Uriah Heep in 1970. Creating ground-breaking, melodic hard rock with Heep, CD1 concludes with ‘Tales’, ‘Echoes In The Dark’ and ‘Sunrise’ from ‘The Magician’s Birthday’ (1972), then ‘Paradise’, ‘Poet’s Justice’, and ‘Rainbow Demon’ from ‘Demons And Wizards’ (1972).

‘A Glimpse of Glory’ (CD2) from 1990 explores Ken’s songwriting depth and his examination of faith, best demonstrated on the songs ‘The Return’ and ‘The Joy Of Knowing Jesus’. This is Hensley’s more ‘melodic rock’ album, with a sound according to 1990, polished and glossy.

According to Ken’s liner notes for 2002’s ‘Running Blind’ (CD3), “I suppose this CD is really typical of the way I like to record, with a mixture of songs of different styles. Most of the time I consider myself a storyteller and the tempo, rhythm and production should combine to accompany the lyrical message.”
‘Running Blind’ was followed in 2003 with ‘The Last Dance’ (CD4). Produced by Ken and Daniel Saiz Gomez, it featured Tommy Lopez (drums), John Smithson (bass) and Ovidio Lopez (guitar) with some classic slide guitar from Ken on ‘Crying’.

Always a prolific songwriter, on 2005’s ‘Cold Autumn Sunday’ (CD5) Ken took time to record a number of songs from his back catalogue, revisiting ‘Send Me An Angel’, originally recorded with southern rockers Blackfoot in 1983, ‘Inside The Mystery’, originally on ‘Free Spirit’, and the title track originally released on Ken’s 1973 solo debut, ‘Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf’.

This anthology concludes with ‘Collaborations (2011-2021)’ on CD6, a new compilation featuring his work on two studio albums and one live album with Live Fire; ‘Faster’, ‘Trouble’ and ‘Live Fire Live!!’ featuring the amazing guitar playing of Ken Ingwersen that Ken loved so much. CD6 ends with two tracks from his final album, ‘My Book of Answers’, showcasing his writing with Vladimir Emelin.

The music world not only lost a great, multi-talented musician and mercurial artist, but also a highly respected songwriter when Ken Hensley very sadly passed away in November 2020.
This Anthology really makes justice to his art.
Be aware there’s an incomplete version floating the web – This is the complete 6xCD Box Set, Only at 0dayrox
Highly Recommended


DISC ONE – SOLO & Uriah Heep (1972-1981)
1 When Evening Comes
2 Black Hearted Lady
3 From Time To Time
4 Rain
5 Secret
6 Take & Take
7 The House On The Hill
8 When
9 Inside The Mystery
10 New York
11 Brown Eyed Boy
12 Woman
13 Tales (with Uriah Heep)
14 Echoes In The Dark (with Uriah Heep)
15 Sunrise (with Uriah Heep)
16 Paradise (with Uriah Heep)
17 Poet’s Justice (with Uriah Heep)
18 Rainbow Demon (with Uriah Heep)

1 It’s Up To You
2 Moving In
3 One Tender Moment
4 Guard Your Heart
5 Shakey Ground
6 Think Twice
7 Get A Line
8 Believe In Me
9 Win Or Lose
10 The Cost Of Loving
11 The Return
12 The Joy Of Knowing Jesus

1 Overture – La Tristeza Secreta De Un Corazon Gitano
2 Prelude – A Minor Life
3 Out Of My Control
4 You’ve Got It – The American Dream
5 Final Solution
6 It’s Up To You
7 Finney’s Tale
8 I Close My Eyes
9 Little Piece Of Me – Julia’s Song
10 Free Spirit
11 Movin’ In
12 Let Me Be Me
13 I Don’t Wanna Wait
14 Tell Me

1 Crying
2 Letting Go
3 Give Me A Reason
4 Second Chance (A New Beginning)
5 I Know Who You Are
6 The Voice Of Love
7 Give ’Em What They Want
8 Who Knows
9 Dancing
10 Did You Know
11 The Last Dance (El Gitano Viejo)

1 Send Me An Angel
2 Inside The Mystery
3 When
4 Longer Shadows
5 Secret
6 Brown Eyed Boy
7 Cold Autumn Sunday
8 Romance
9 Woman
10 The House On The Hill
11 When Evening Comes
12 Go Down
13 Through The Eyes Of A Child (Original Version)
14 Do You Feel Alright

1 Faster
2 Somewhere (In Paradise)
3 Look At Yourself
4 Stealin’
5 The Curse
6 I Cry Alone
7 July Morning
8 Circle Of Hands
9 Blood On The Highway
10 Right Here Right Now
11 The Cold Sacrifice

CD1 Tracks 13-18 with Uriah Heep
CD6 Tracks 1-9 with Live Fire



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