ROXX GANG – The Voodoo You Love [Perris Records reissue +1] (2023) *Exclusive*

ROXX GANG - The Voodoo You Love [Perris Records reissue +1] (2023) *Exclusive* - full

ROXX GANG first signed with Perris in 1995 and released their much anticipated second CD entitled “The Voodoo You Love”. The band released their debut in 1988 on major label Virgin – the reason for the time gap between the first Roxx Gang record and ”The Voodoo You Love” was that Virgin offered to make a second record to be released on their Charisma label.
The band opted out of that deal with Virgin and signed with CBS/Epic which was bought by Sony shortly after. Sony then fired the staff at Epic and dropped many of the bands on the Epic label including Roxx Gang. These events along with the onset of “Grunge” rock delayed the release of ”The Voodoo You Love” until the band found a home on Perris Records.

Now Perris Records is reissuing ROXX GANG’s “The Voodoo You Love”, and while this label never order a remastering of their early releases, this 2023 reissue comes with a bonus track. Less glam / pop metal and much more bluesy Rock-n-Roll / hard rock, “The Voodoo You Love” includes classic guitar riffs, some piano, horns and saxophone on various cuts.

Kevin Steele, lead vocalist for Roxx Gang, said: ”What most people don’t know about ”The Voodoo You Love” is that the first album ‘Things You’ve Never Done Before’ line-up recorded this record. Two songs, “Time Bomb” and “Thick As Thieves”, were added afterwards and recorded by the at the time new line up pictured on the album cover. The new reissue contains the bonus track “Magic Carpet Ride” (original song not the Steppenwolf classic) that was an outtake from recording sessions. I can’t for the life of me remember why we didn’t include it on the record because it’s a really cool song”.

ROXX GANG - The Voodoo You Love [Perris Records reissue +1] (2023) back cover

Better, more meaty than their debut album, ”The Voodoo You Love” rocks all the way through start to finish, still with a bit of ’80s glam metal but firmly planted in timeless hard rock / rock ‘n roll. Add to that the Roxx Gang’s trademark fun tongue-in-cheek lyrics and some killer solos and we have a very good rockin’ album here.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Daddy’s Farm
02 – Stone Dead Drunk (Again)
03 – Time Bomb
04 – Hot For Love
05 – Silver Train
06 – Can’t Catch Me
07 – What You See
08 – Be Your Man
09 – Shame On Me
10 – Hot ‘Lanta
11 – Thick As Thieves
12 – Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
13 – Magic Carpet Ride (Bonus Track)

Kevin Steele – lead vocals
Jeff Taylor – guitar, backing vocals
Wade Hayes – guitar, backing vocals
Roby Strine – bass, backing vocals
David James Blackshire – drums, backing vocals



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