XANDRIA – The Wonders Still Awaiting (2023)

XANDRIA - The Wonders Still Awaiting (2023) - full

It’s time of renovation for German symphonic melodic metal band XANDRIA on their upcoming album “The Wonders Still Awaiting“: their first studio recording to feature lead vocalist Ambre Vourvahis, Tim Schwarz on bass, drummer Dimitros Gatsios and guitarist Rob Klawonn.
And leader Marco Heubaum really hit the mark with these changes as XANDRIA sounds better than never.
Always commercial and with a catchy approach, the new album emerges harder, darker, but holds an intimate setting and range of emotions at the same time. Each song nearly resembles an award-winning film score, creating a story that rapidly unfolds in the listener’s imagination.
The impressive vocal wealth of Vourvahis – ranging from hard rock grit to operatic highs – opens the unit’s sound to a wider palette of colors, all the while topped by a 40-piece classical choir and delicate violin and cello contributions.

Songs like “Two Worlds”, “The Wonders Still Awaiting” and “Ghosts” manifest the thematic mood of the album while constructing incredible soundscapes of pure sympho metal. “Paradise” showcases some of the strongest hooks that captivate with great metallic pop melodies.
The veil of various influences is lifted once more in “Illusion Is Their Name”, dashing all deception with heavy vibes. Tracks like “Your Stories I’ll Remember” and “Scars” show the intimate side of XANDRIA on one hand, while combining rhythmic heaviness on the other.
The epic nine minute album closer “Astéria” lands as the album’s exclamation point, proving with a grand finish that the five-piece has fearlessly started a new revolution – commencing an impressive new era of XANDRIA with ‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’.
Highly Recommended


01 – Two Worlds
02 – Reborn
03 – You Will Never Be Our God (Feat. Ralf Scheepers)
04 – The Wonders Still Awaiting
05 – Ghosts
06 – Your Stories I’ll Remember
07 – My Curse is My Redemption
08 – Illusion is Their Name
09 – Paradise
10 – Mirror of Time
11 – Scars
12 – The Maiden and the Child
13 – Astèria

Ambre Vourvahis – lead vocals
Marco Heubaum – guitars, keyboards, programming, backing vocals
Rob Klawonn – guitars
Tim Schwarz – bass guitar
Dimitrios Gatsios – drums
Ralf Scheepers – guest vocals on “You Will Never Be Our God”


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