AMERICAN BOMBSHELL – Knives Out (2023)

AMERICAN BOMBSHELL - Knives Out (2023) - full

After a period of silence, Indianapolis, USA hard rockers AMERICAN BOMBSHELL has unleashed their new EP, ”Knives Out”, available on physical CD. As happened with the previous releases by the band, this is a blistering slab of hard rock from start to finish, bluesy, raw and energetic. Just good American bad ass classic Rock and Roll, straight up, uncut,
AMERICAN BOMBSHELL has their own sound, but if I have to give a clue think guitar-driven modern day Skid Row, Motley Crue last works, a bit of Lynch Mob. The lead guitar work for the solos, melodies and fills is a standout and really elevates the rating of the album.

However, the real shining light in AMERICAN BOMBSHELL is undoubtedly vocalist Jay Cee. What a voice. He seems to have the ability to change his vocal style making each song sound like it is being sung by a different singer, yet being able to retain a portion of his own identity. His transition from calm soothing vocals to angst filled aggression is handled very well and with relative ease.
Real rock is definitely not dead in America.


01 – Knives Out
02 – You and Hell
03 – Bastard from Birth
04 – Slow Drag (1 More Last Time)
05 – Cocaine Blues

Jay Cee – vocals
Andy Nixon – guitar
Steve Boyles – guitar
Dustin Green – bass
Jason Carr – drums


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