APRIL WINE – Electric Jewels [Canadian Digipak reissue] *HQ* Exclusive

APRIL WINE - Electric Jewels [Canadian Digipak reissue] *HQ* - full

It was requested here the best sounding available version of APRIL WINE album ”Electric Jewels”, their third, originally released in 1973, and one of their best. And we find it.
Prior to the recording of this new album, founding members songwriter / vocalist Myles Goodwyn and bassist Jim Clench fired the rest of the band members – brothers David Henman (guitar) and Ritchie Henman (drums) as they were looking for more dynamic musicians which capture APRIL WINE’s rockin’ vibe.
Goodwyn & Clench held auditions for new members and the replacements were drummer Jerry Mercer (formerly of Mashmakhan) and guitarist Gary Moffet. While the Henman bros recorded some songs – and were credited – most of the LP was taped with the new line-up.
The results were stupendous, much more lively and heavy energetic, and tracks like “Weeping Widow”, “Just Like That”, and “Lady Run, Lady Hide” would stay in April Wine’s set lists for many years. A great slice of Seventies classic hard rock.
“Electric Jewels” is a veryyy analog recording which suffered when it was transferred to digital and reissued on CD in 1993. However, this Canadian pressing from a few years ago sounds great, a digipak release quite hard to find.

With this third release, April Wine was just beginning to make a real name for itself, thanks to “You Could Have Been a Lady’s” Top 40 marking on the charts the previous year.
“Electric Jewels” didn’t spark a Top 40, although the power-driven guitar punch of “Weeping Widow” gained a moderate amount of radio play in Canada, as did the semi-ballad “Lady Run, Lady Hide.”
This album, like most of April Wine’s early material, consisted of a three-tiered formula; two or three heavier numbers, two or three more melodic rollers, and two or three mid-paced rockers / semi-ballads.

New guitarist Gary Moffet playing does give April Wine an added boost, which is noticeable on a number of cuts. “I Can Hear You Callin'” and “Just Like That” show the greatest potential outside of “Weeping Widow” and “Lady Run, Lady Hide,” showcasing that Goodwyn and the rest of the band were still experimenting with their writing, and, more importantly, how heavy of a rock band they were going to be.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Weeping Widow
02 – Just Like That
03 – Electric Jewels
04 – You Opened My Eyes
05 – Come On Along
06 – Lady Run, Lady Hide
07 – I Can Ear You Callin’
08 – Cat’s Claw
09 – The Band Has Just Begun

Myles Goodwyn – lead vocals, guitars, piano, mellotron
Jim Clench – vocals, bass, arp
Gary Moffet – guitars, vocals
Jerry Mercer – drums, percussion, vocals

David Henman – guitar
Ritchie Henman – drums
Richard Newell – harmonica on 6
Pierre Senecal – organ on 6
Al Nicholls, Pam Marsh – background vocals
Bhen Lazaroni – string arrangements


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