EvansCapps – Last Time [reissue version remixed +4]

EvansCapps - Last Time [reissue version remixed +4] - full

As requested, here’s one band – EvansCapps – and their album – “Last Time” – which unfortunately passed unnoticed for many. And here’s quality.
EvansCapps was put together by .38 Special bass player Bobby Capps and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Ean Evans when they wanted to do something by their own. With Capps taking lead vocals in addition to his usual keyboard work and Evans adding guitar to his bass chores, EvansCapps eschew the Southern rock style for a harder rocking approach.
“Last Time” was originally released in 2005, but this is the improved reissue of 2009 “Last Time [reissue version remixed +4]” which has overdubs not found on first version, had been remixed, features 4 new tracks and new artwork. Sadly, it was issued six days after Evans died of cancer.
The album sights the talents of Greg Morrow (Bad Company, Peter Cetera) on drums, “Dr. John” Simpson (keyboards), Gordon Mote (Alan Jackson Band) on organ, and a number of guest musicians like Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd playing lead guitar on the track “Why”, Todd Harrell, bassist for 3 Doors Down performs on the tracks “Stand or Fall” and “Walk”. Guitarist Tim Cabe (Outlaws) performs on the final track, “Hole in My Head”. Last, but not least, Todd Lawton (Toby Mac) plays on “Dead is Rising”.

While still retaining the Southern rock DNA of both Evans and Capps, “Last Time” is driven by heavy, hard rocking riffs and groove. This album showcases Ean Evans’ skill of the bass guitar as well as introducing his talents on guitar. His lead energetic lead and rhythm work throughout the album makes the experience more enjoyable than ever.
Capps has a torn, emotional tenor, and Evans keeps the big chords coming. At places, Capps voice sounds similar to that of Sammy Hagar, just with more melodic pitch. Evans does a wonderful work on bringing out the melody on the songs that are needed of it such as “Anything Goes” and “Innocence.”
Another strong number is called “Mississippi.” Musically obviously is bluesy based but has some kind of a menacing, dark feel.

All the tunes on here are better than average with really no fillers, there are 1 or 2 slower songs that change the pace up a bit but they fit right in seamlessly. EvansCapps got the mojo, and rocked hard.
Unfortunately the album’s name turned out to be truer than anyone imagined. In 2008 Ean was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer and at the time of this ”Last Time [reissue version remixed +4]” he passed away.
Highly Recommended


01 – Hell If I Know
02 – Dead Is Rising
03 – Innocence
04 – Follow The Morning Sun
05 – For Something Or For Nothing
06 – Stand Or Fall
07 – Why
08 – Walk
09 – Mississippi
10 – Anything Goes
11 – Hole In My Head

Bobby Capps – Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Ean Evans – Guitar, Bass, Back Vocals
Dr. John Simpson – Keyboards
Gordon Mote – Organ & Strings
Greg Morrow – Drums
Hoyt Allen – Back Vocals

Rickey Lynn Medlock – Lead Guitar
Timothy Cabe – Lead Guitar
Todd Harrell, Todde Lawton – Bass


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