HARD KNOX (Tennessee) – All Ways End The Same (The Demo Collection) [2020] *Exclusive*

HARD KNOX (Tennessee) - All Ways End the Same (The Demo Collection) [2020]  *Exclusive*- full

As requested, here’s one of the best 80s underground hard rock band from the US, Knoxville, Tennessee based HARD KNOX – not to be confused with other band of the same name from Utah. These rockers put out a mighty fine seven track miniLP titled ‘Mark Of The Rocker’ back in 1985.
But before that – and after since they broke up in 1990 – HARD KNOX recorded many songs, some of them compiled into this album titled ”All Ways End the Same (The Demo Collection)”.
Forming in 1984, throughout the year the band wrote, rehearsed and recorded their first songs. Hard Knox’s line-up shifted throughout their career and at one point they had Rick Ruhl on vocals, who would later go on to lead Every Mother’s Nightmare. But the songwriting core of Hard Knox always remained with the founding members, vocalist Gene Hadley & guitarist Daniel Lusk.

At this early stage, HARD KNOX’s sound was American sleazy, they turned more melodic for the miniLP ‘Mark Of The Rocker’, and then returned to the original glammy / sleazy in 1986.
While being demos, the songs featured here are pretty impressive. Firstly there’s “First Things First” which has some real riffing glam, whilst “Bad Noize” would bring a smile to ole Taime’s face, cos they sound like the Faster Pussycat’s younger brothers. “Trapped in the City’s Web” though is the ultimate glam anthem I especially like the tempo changes on this one.

The other cuts all follow the same sleazy hard rock pattern, with a couple being more pop metal, still biting. This band could have made it as they did some tapes for MCA but while in Hollywood negotiating the deal they screw up things with the company executives.
This is wild, raw, unadulterated US 80s sleazy hard rock.
Highly Recommended


01 – First Things First
02 – Bad Noise
03 – Trapped in the Cities Web
04 – Ain’t No Saint
05 – Too Far Gone
06 – Blind Me with Your Love
07 – Always Ends the Same
08 – All Comes Back to You
09 – Make No Mistake
10 – Ain’t Talking ‘Bout No One
11 – Tracks of Danger

Gene Hadley – Lead Vocals
Daniel Lusk – Guitar, Vocals
Don Murray – Bass, Vocals
Billy Baker – Drums
Jay Martin – Drums
Rick Ruhl – Lead Vocals



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