HARD KNOX (Tennessee) – Combat Alley (’85s Mark Of The Rocker miniLP remastered +5)

HARD KNOX (Tennessee) - Combat Alley ('85s Mark Of The Rocker miniLP remastered +5) - full

As requested, here’s one of the best 80s underground hard rock band from the US, Knoxville, Tennessee based HARD KNOX – not to be confused with other band of the same name from Utah. These rockers put out a mighty fine seven track miniLP titled ‘Mark Of The Rocker’ back in 1985.
This is the Perris Records remastered re-release for the first time on CD of ‘Mark Of the Rocker‘, re-titled “Combat Alley“, also including 5 tracks from the demos recorded for MCA Records after the initial success of the miniLP. These demos were taped in LA and things look great for HARD KNOX… but being in Hollywood the guys destroyed the record deal with their well documented debauchery before the ink was dry…
While in their origins HARD KNOX were a glam metal / American sleazy band, in fact many songs here are very melodic, in a style similar to White Lion (listen to the track ‘Love’s Out Of Season’ for a proof).

In 1984, a band from Tennessee emerged that would change the face of rock music in that area for the next several years. They were called Hard Knox, in reference to the Knoxville vicinity they hailed from, and consisted of Gene Hadley on Lead Vocals, Daniel Lusk on Guitar, Don Murray on Bass and Billy Baker on Drums.
Adopting the style and glam metal sound that were prominent in Los Angeles at the time, similar to Motley Crue, they soon changed for a more melodic hard rock vein that emerged with bands like Bon Jovi, White Lion or Poison.

In 1985 they released a private miniLP, “Mark Of The Rocker” that would place the band in the hearts and minds of Tennessee Hard Rock fans for the next 5 years when they dissolved.
A number of songs were played in full rotation on several radio stations throughout the region and launched them into cult hero status overnight.

After a frustrated deal with MCA, HARD KNOX returned to their earlier style, more sleazy, akin early Guns N’ Roses, Faster Pussycat, and alike. They recorded several demos in this genre, and played the local circuit with success.
After their breakup in 1990 the band members all pursued different directions, some music related, some not, but Hard Knox’s music became some kind of cult that is still a viable 80s Rock sound to contend with, and easily comparable to their 80s counterparts of that period.
Highly Recommended


1 – Get Up!
2 – Mark Of The Rocker
3 – Love’s Out Of Season
4 – Combat Alley
5 – Getaway
6 – Take It If You Want It
7 – Love Or Money
8 – You’re Gonna Love It (Demo)
9 – The Kid Gets Around (Demo)
10 – Nothing Ever Lasts Forever (Demo)
11 – Back Out In The Heat (Demo)
12 – Young And Proud (Demo)

Gene Hadley – Lead Vocals
Daniel Lusk – Guitar, Vocals
Don Murray – Bass, Vocals
Billy Baker – Drums



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