NIGHT DEMON – Outsider (Bonus Track Edition) (2023)

NIGHT DEMON - Outsider (Bonus Track Edition) (2023) - full

Due for release on 17th March 2023, “Outsider” is NIGHT DEMON’s 3rd full length studio opus and is a damn fine example of pure metal and groovy hard rock. Heavy and pounding, foot stomping and head bang inducing riffs, screaming solos and soaring, clean vocals are the order of the day here, and weighing in at just over 37 minutes, there’s no messing, no filler just straight to the jugular pure Metal.
Sure, some of the classic albums in various sub-genres of our music were less than 40 minutes in duration and with Night Demon we are completely immersed in quality before quantity territory, with a concise and expected future cult classic of the genre.

“Prelude” begins with a pulsing bass before subtle guitar notes lead into a heavy riff and drums proceeding to launch into the title track “Outsider” without so much as stopping for a breath! Jarvis Leatherby’s voice well suited to the genre.
This song, although among many top pieces of music from the band, for me cements them at the forefront of the modern NWOTHM movement. It has it all, tasty guitar leads, pounding bass and drums, and soaring vocal melodies.

“Obsidian” starts with a furious riff before the rhythm section kick in, some fine drumming from Dusty Squires and a nice wee run of guitar notes from Armand John Anthony throughout the song lead to a nice wee time change leading into a solo at the 2:50 mark. “Beyond the Grave” is next with an atmospheric bass intro by Jarvis before the rest of the instruments join in; Jarvis wails “awaken from the nightmare, just to find it’s not a dream.” The song proceeds with a slow, doomy main riff, lead guitar work with no note wasted, no needless widdlying. At 6:21 it is no doubt one of the albums pinnacles among many.

Nicely timed, the tempo shifts up a gear for “Rebirth”, a real stomper that will get the listener groovin’ before slowing in pace for the guitar solo. “Escape from Beyond” starts with a drum roll kicking in a fine bit of riffing with classy bass runs in behind filing out the low end and playing a vital part in the band’s sound. It must be added that all three musicians are on top form playing imaginatively constructed songs that make me scratch my head and wonder why Night Demon are not huge…yet! Metal’s best kept secret by far.

“A Wake” starts slowly with Jarvis singing over a single subtly strummed guitar takes us into a slow tempo number that build on a chugging riff over a solo to a climax. “The Wrath” again starts at a slow pace with a nicely picked guitar backed by the bass before a crescendo of a riff tumbles forth from the speakers / headphones. The longest song on the album at 7:26 and a future classic. “The Last Day” brings the album to a close, a fine thrasher.

There are many bands playing arenas that would love to have the abundance of talent to write this standard of material demonstrated here, it comes easy to Night Demon. Well written melodic and heavy, there isn’t a second of filler on this album.
Every note, riff and drum fill intended and meaningful. Quality song writing and musicianship that sets this band well ahead of their peers and indeed well ahead of bands with higher profiles playing bigger venues.
Perhaps all that’s needed is for a support slot on a few major tours if any of the big guns are brave enough to take them out on tour. They deserve a wider audience.
Highly Recommended


01. Prelude
02. Outsider
03. Obsidian
04. Beyond The Grave
05. Rebirth
06. Escape From Beyond
07. A Wake
08. The Wrath

Jarvis Leatherby – Vocals / Bass
Armand John Anthony – Guitars / Keyboards
Dusty Squires – Drums


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