OVERHEAD – Telepathic Minds [2CD] (2023)

OVERHEAD - Telepathic Minds [2CD] (2023) - full

Helsinki, Finland based OVERHEAD founded in 1999 musically inspired by prog-rock giants and adding refined melodies close to melodic rock, a clear and powerful voice, and RUSH, DREAM THEATER and FLOYDean breaks. Thy are also influenced by the ’80s style of the genre when more accessible, instant, catchy songs were the rule.
That’s all what you’ll hear on their new album ”Telepathic Minds”, a double CD with a lot of crossover prog moments mixed with commercial, at places AORish melodies we all love.

Disc I opens with “War to End All Wars”, a sympho hard prog intro that moves, just enough to give vocal space to Alex Keskitalo smooth voice; it goes up, it breaks on voice-overs, it has an instrumental section on organ à la DEEP PURPLE, very old-school, before returning to the central air and Jaakko Kettunen who releases a moving solo on the border of hard rock with a bluesy touch.
“Ghosts from the Future” has a riff reminiscent of BLUE OYSTER CULT where the keyboard also twirls.
“The Pilot’s Not Fit to Fly” is a melodic ballad with an AOR smell however also proggy, with a little flute to embellish. The second part highlights the fabulous Jaakko solo. “Sleep Tight Sweetheart” has a western spaghetti vibe, slide guitar sweetness and a retro pop vibe; as you see, this band isn’t afraid to try different things.

Disc II begin with the title track “Telepathic Minds” divided in 5 parts, a conceptual piece but very very catchy mixing melodic rock, prog rock, some prog metal and even electronics / synths. There’s a lovely Gary MOORE-style guitar solo as well.

“Tuesday That Never Came” is straight melodic rock, FM ready midtempo tune some kind of a mix between ’90s BON JOVI and TEN. Next “Planet of Disorder” change things drastically via a ’70s-like RAINBOW guitar riff and Jethrotullian flutes where Alex’s vocal performance shines.
“Sheep Stay Silent” adds some Eastern feeling and a more prog-metal approach – yes, OVERHEAD never bore you. “Almost Always Near the End” concludes this captivating double set with juicy, symphonic synths; melodic guitars, strings, and strong vocals.

OVERHEAD is that kind of bands that never gets you tired. I wouldn’t say they surprise you as all the genres they mix here are well known, but amuse how they deliver the whole thing. It’s very impressive.
”Telepathic Minds” is a fantastic journey from all the mentioned rock genres, never forced, always natural, melodic, and entertaining.
A welcomed surprise this year.
HIGHLY Recommended


Disc I
1 – War to End All Wars
2 – Ghosts from the Future
– i) Endless Sleep
– ii) Last Chance to Bail
3 – Sail Across the Universe
4 – The Pilot’s Not Fit to Fly
5 – Sleep Tight Sweetheart

Disc II
1 – Telepathic Minds
– i) Hypnotized
– ii) Random Honesty
– iii) Telepathic Minds
– iv) Back in Time
– v) Reprise: Home Again
2 – Tuesday That Never Came
3 – Planet of Disorder
4 – Sheep Stay Silent
5 – Almost Always Near the End

Alex Keskitalo: Vocals
Jaakko Kettunen: Guitars
Ville Sjöblom: Drums
Janne Katalkin: Bass
Jere Saarainen: Keyboards



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