DOKKEN – Back For The Attack +1 [Rock Candy remastered] Out Of Print / HQ

DOKKEN - Back For The Attack +1 [Rock Candy remastered / full scans] lossless full

As requested, here’s DOKKENBack For The Attack +1remastered & reloaded by Rock Candy Records specialists including a bonus track. Seems this remastered CD version has become pretty hard to find.
I’ve been waiting long time for this Rock Candy remaster of “Back For The Attack”, the 4th studio album by one of the most influential US melodic hard rock acts ever: DOKKEN.

The fact that Dokken were never the most tightly bonded quartet has been well documented. Internal rancour and persistent inter-band feuding seemed the order of the day (particularly between vocalist Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch) yet the by-product of such friction seemed to stir the band to amazingly creative highs as this album firmly demonstrates.
Issued to huge acclaim, to a fan base already primed by the platinum success of their previous album Under Lock And Key, “Back For The Attack” is generally regarded as their most accomplished work.

Arguably from a guitar stand point, this is Lynch finest guitar hour. He smokes throughout, his amps sounded like they were about combust and his ‘attack’ and aggresive playing was at high point. It always oved this record.

Recording took place over a 10-month stretch, with a total of five state-of-the-art Los Angeles studios being utilised. Originally issued in late 1987, and produced by Neil Kernon (Autograph, Queensryche, Kansas), “Back For The Attack” is a consummate example of late ’80s melodic hard rock, stuffed to the rim with all the right moves and grooves.

Don Dokken’s instantly identifiable vocals and George solos soak the songs with enough vim and vigour to elevate these songs to classic status.
Tracks such as ‘Burning Like A Flame’, ‘Heaven Sent’, ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Dream Warriors’ – the theme song to the hit horror movie ‘Nightmare On Elm Street 3’ – are some of the best tracks the band ever created.
This reissue also features as bonus track the title track “Back For The Attack”, which oddly did not make it into the original release.

Hats off again to Rock Candy, their 2015 remaster sounds awesome. Cleaner, more separation in the multitracks and double tracked guitar parts. The bass / drums tracks are re-surfaced by the remaster discovering some extra dynamics, as Lynch’s interesting rhythms and little embellishments (clean parts) are seemingly higher in the mix. Also, Brown’s sometimes dominant hi-hat seems to be a little less in your face, resulting more balanced.
A Classic in all its glory.


01 – Kiss Of Death
02 – Prisoner
03 – Night By Night
04 – Standing In The Shadows
05 – Heaven Sent
06 – Mr. Scary
07 – So Many Tears
08 – Burning Like A Flame
09 – Lost Behind A Wall
10 – Stop Fighting Love
11 – Cry Of The Gypsy
12 – Sleepless Nights
13 – Dream Warriors
14 – Back For The Attack

Don Dokken – lead and background vocals
George Lynch – guitars
Mick Brown – drums, background vocals
Jeff Pilson – bass, background vocals



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