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GUNSHINE - Checkmate (2023) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE* - full

After making waves in the hard rock world with their stunning debut record, Americans GUNSHINE are set to issue a new EP titled ”Checkmate”, on April 28, 2023. Hailing from Florida, Gunshine offers a breath of fresh air to the hard rock scene.
A musical love child conceived during the pandemic, Gunshine was birthed by Daytona Beach native and New Years Day axe man Austin Ingerman, who, as a result of the world shutting down, suddenly found himself off the road and eager to carry out his vision of forming a fresh, edgy rock n’ roll band. The vision was to create songs that had attitude, were melodic/catchy, and most importantly written very organically.
The new songs deliver that edgy bravado of greats such as DANGEROUS TOYS mixed with TORA TORA but with an original, modern twist. This new set has even more dynamic riffs, spectacular vocals and blistering guitar solos than their excellent debut album.
Add that with a heavy-duty production value that sonically gives the songs a punchy, powerful analogue-type sound. As far as 80’s arena rock band-influenced music with a modern flair goes, Gunshine‘s new EP proves they’re among the best.
This is KILLER stuff… one of the best we heard this year.

The first track on the EP is kick ass hard rock song – think Skid Row with a bit of Florida Panhandle swagger. “90 Proof” showcases each member with tiny little solos, culminating in Austin Ingerman‘s creative shredding.

The video for the single “Swing Away” takes place in a boxing ring. It’s the perfect venue for the Guns ‘n’ Roses-esque song. It’s a great choice for a single and includes anything you’d want in a rock video: sex, drums, and rock and roll. Be sure to check the solo on this track too. Ingerman seriously rips.

Songs title track ‘Checkmate’ and its terrific, stadium-ready chorus, or the lengthy groove of ‘Till The End Of Days’ are monsters, slamming with buzzsaw guitar riffs, crushing vocals. the bass is killer and percussions hit like a sledgehammer.

Gunshine throws the rule book out and plays it straight from the heart, no tricks, no frills, no BS. This is rock-n-roll, the kind you’ve been missing.

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01 – 90 Proof
02 – Swing Away
03 – Checkmate
04 – Annihilation
05 – Till The End Of Days

Jordan Benson – vocals
Austin Ingerman – guitar
James Renshaw – drums
Pat Brown – bass


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