HIVEBANE – Collider (2023)

HIVEBANE - Collider (2023) - full

We at 0dayrox receive many new albums / bands per day but as you may know, we are not a ‘post everything – copy/paste site‘, we select what we consider best – musically, musicianship, production, etc.
One of the new albums arriving is “Collider” by American rockers HIVEBANE. With no press release at hand, at first glance the album cover looks as alternative or modern rock.
Well, while HIVEBANE is very modern in terms of production these guys surprised me with a load of heavy riffs in a strong early ’90s hard rocking fashion, with powerful vocals and cool choruses. Further investigation revealed all band members are at their twenties, and that turned things even better… you know, fortunately good hard rock is still alive in America.
“Collider” has some modern rock approach of course, but the core of the music is classic stuff with a young dude at the mic called Sage King from who I’m sure we will hear a lot in the future.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Pain
02 – Collider
03 – Shed My Skin
04 – Does It Always
05 – A Different Light
06 – Scared to Death
07 – Playing With Fire
08 – Over and Over
09 – Unsung
10 – Tired Eyes
11 – Out of Season

Sage King – Vocals
Anthony John – Guitar, Vocals
Nathan Paul – Drums
O.G. – Bass



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