SWEET F.A. – The Lost Tapes [early recordings] *HQ*

SWEET F.A. - The Lost Tapes [early recordings] Out Of Print - *lossless* full

As requested, here’s “The Lost Tapes“, a limited edition CD including the very early recordings of Indianapolis, Indiana rockers SWEET F.A., a compilation of songs taped before the band was signed to major label MCA for their debut album.
In 1988, the musicians Steven David De Leong (vocals), Jon Huffman (guitar), James Thunder Thorpe (guitar), Jim Quiggins (bass) and Nick Lane (drums) joined forces to form SWEET F.A. Immediately they arranged and recorded songs each member was previously working on, plus newly written as a unit.
On these very well, multi-track recorded tapes you can hear why these songs impressed MCA executives; catchy tunes with a partly bluish American sleazy impact are offered, plenty of varied guitar work, hooks and extremely powerful singing.
None of these songs were re-recorded by the band next 2 studio albums, so “The Lost Tapes” works as a SWEET F.A. ‘lost album‘. It’s great to see this material released… this rocks!

SWEET F.A. had the typical glam/sleazy rock look from the era but musically they offered a more meaty brand of melodic hard rock with a bluesy touch. Frontman Steven David De Leong voice had a raspy and rough edge to it that gave the songs a little extra kick to them.
While the songs lyrics aren’t exactly in the vicinity of original, c’mon, it was 1988 and rock n’ roll was all about having some fun.

The material’s quality may ebb and flow a but many bands at the time would have killed to have songs like ‘Hard Drivin’ Man’, ‘Dancing By The Light Of The Moon’, the terrific ‘Blue Eyed Soul’, ‘Cheap Wine And Gasoline’, etc.
“The Lost Tapes” was released on occasion of SWEET F.A. reunion gig some years ago, an out of print CD now.
Highly Recommended


01 – Hard Drivin’ Man
02 – Blue Eyed Soul
03 – Just One Kiss
04 – My Body Needs Your Body
05 – Nationwide
06 – Cheap Wine And Gasoline
07 – Shakin’ The Blues
08 – Dancing By The Light Of The Moon
09 – Rolling Stone

Steven David De Leong (vocals)
Jon Huffman (guitar)
James Thunder Thorpe (guitar)
Jim Quiggins (bass)
Nick Lane (drums)


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