PRIDE OF LIONS Jim Peterik / Toby Hitchcock – Dream Higher (2023) *HQ*

PRIDE OF LIONS Jim Peterik / Toby Hitchcock - Dream Higher (2023) - lossless full

Finally after many years of wait, PRIDE OF LIONS, the revered melodic rock band featuring legendary songwriter and The Ides Of March / Survivor member Jim Peterik together with powerhouse vocalist Toby Hitchcock, are back with their seventh studio album, “Dream Higher” on June 16, 2023.
Once again, Peterik shows why he is a world class songwriter and musician on this new batch of stunning melodic rockers. And his partner in crime in Pride Of Lions, the talented Toby Hitchcock is in as fine a vocal form as he has ever been, belting out these songs with the authority and finesse that only he can.
Peterik has never lost his verve for melodic rock, a style of music he arguably helped to forge. Pride Of Lions showcases everything that you should love about the genre: powerful vocals, vibrant instrumentation and unforgettable melodies.
Since the start of Pride Of Lions, Jim Peterik wanted to take listeners back to the glory of his best, most successful songs. And we find a couple Survivor-like tracks in ‘Renegade Heart’ and ‘Find Somebody To Love’.

Some might label “Dream Higher” ‘predictable’, yet aficionados of A-graded melodic rock with gigantic hooks and nesting melodies will tell ’em otherwise. Pride Of Lions have never failed fans of the genre, nor will they on this new CD.
The new album is a concoction of the best ingredients from the passed melodic decades, mashed together into 10 graceful executed brisk rockers and attracting (power) ballads, brought to us by a talented batch of musicians and recorded with the keenest eye and ear for detail.

Pride Of Lions is so pitch perfect it can be graded ‘Flawless’ following the GIA Clarity Grading System for diamonds. ”Blind to Reason” lifts off with the energetic clarity Peterik is hailed for. Sterling slick melodic lick pulls the song forward over a steady beat and great bass pump enhancing the interplay with guitars. Hitchcock belts out his echoing trademark vocals with Peterik adding the rougher edge in the back-and-forth execution of vocals. Keys start pitching up towards the slick and nesting chorus in which everything collides with wailing melodic rock perfection.
Mike Aquino brings a wonderful sharp solo to the front that ignites a lasting tenure lasting towards the songs end, switching between nice melodic phrased licks and another solo making the song die out on a melodic high.
They extend the longevity of this potion on ”Renegade Heart” and the pulsating ”Generational”.

Mid-paced rockers like the anthemic title track could easily inflame and new Rocky soundtrack with its glorious ’80s galore. The same era cinematic vibe is found on the appealing ”Through it All”. Going all in Pride Oof Lions delivers some classy AOR tunes like ”Find Somebody to Love” tilting the balance of tackiness and slickness.
The slow rocker ”Another Life” has immense power ballad hit potential with hauling, while ”Driving and Dreaming” is piano driven with relaxed subnotes Toby displaying a different side of his range, slowly crafting towards a benchmark (lush) bridge and chorus. An interesting, different track.

Perhaps no one is better in penning memorable power ballads than Peterik. His antics creating the most alluding melodies moulded into dramatic outpours of emotion are unmatched, and with vocal powerhouse Toby Hitchcock at the helm, he is granted majestic delivery on all accounts. ”My Destiny” collides the enormous vocal range with majestic hooks and pompous string arrangements, making the song well with emotional drama.
”Everything to Live For” has a glorious opening and melodic licks underneath its attractive vocal delivery and emotion, Peterik extending reach to the Broadway musical segment.

As said, some might call it ‘repetitive’ or ‘predictable’, but Pride Oof Lions and Peterik certainly keeps upping their hand. Injecting wide ranged ingredients to make their style fluctuate, Hitchcock and Peterik are a driving force behind one of melodic rock’s most traditional AOR bands.
HIGHLY Recommended


1. Blind To Reason
2. Dream Higher
3. My Destiny
4. Find Somebody To Love
5. Another Life
6. Renegade Heart
7. Driving And Dreaming
8. Through It All
9. Everything To Live For
10. Generational

Jim Peterik- Lead / background vocals, keyboards, guitar
Toby Hitchcock – Lead / background vocals
Ed Breckenfeld – Drums, percussion
Mike Aquino – Guitars
Bob Lizik – Bass
Christian Cullen – Keyboards, orchestration


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3 Responses

  1. Sam Anders says:

    Big fan since the beginning, but this one is really treading water. Jim is rehashing riffs and melodies from old PoL songs and apart from maybe 3 tracks, it’s a real let down.

  2. 1 says:

    Hi i have a request
    I’ve been looking for Survivor Demos
    If you can somehow find these i would be very happy

    Haunted Tigers Demos Fire Makes Steel Part 2

    Reach Demos

    I know they exist can you guys post them?

    • 0dayrox says:

      ‘Reach demos’ are the same of ‘Fire Makes Steel Part 1’
      ‘Haunted Tigers Demos’ are in fact a compilation of audience live recordings, plus a few studio demos. We will post some stuff soon.

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