JOURNEY – Escape & Frontiers Live in Japan [2 CD] (2019)

JOURNEY - Escape & Frontiers Live in Japan [2 CD] (2019) full
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JOURNEY returned to Japan in 2017 for a very special concert series at Budokan. This recording captures the iconic band recreating their legendary albums ‘Escape’ and ‘Frontiers’, in an explosive performance.
“Escape & Frontiers Live in Japan [2 CD]” is the audio CD version of the release, also available on DVD and Blu-ray. This 2-CD version / audio has become pretty hard to find.
Recorded during the second night at the Budokan, JOURNEY presented songs from 1981’s “Escape” and 1983’s “Frontiers”. These albums, which produced eight Top 40 singles combined, have sold nearly 20 million copies worldwide, and cemented the San Francisco band’s music in the cultural zeitgeist.

Starting off the two-hour set with “Don’t Stop Believin”’, JOURNEY kicks into high gear, presenting a set not just of its hits, but deep album cuts like “Escape”‘s “Lay It Down” and “Frontiers”‘ “Back Talk”, which haven’t been played live since the albums’ original touring cycles.
Both “Escape” and “Frontiers” are performed in its original song order / track list.

The musicianship of Neal Schon (founder / guitarist), Jonathan Cain (keyboardist), Ross Valory (bassist), Steve Smith (drummer) and Arnel Pineda (lead vocals) is in top form here, and shine on famed hits like “Open Arms”, “Who’s Crying Now”, “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” and “Faithfully”.
After the close of their performance of ‘Frontiers’, Journey returns to the stage to perform two blistering extended encores of “La Raza del Sol” and “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin”.

JOURNEY - Escape & Frontiers Live in Japan [2 CD] (2019) back

Performed and recorded on occasion of the 35th birthday of ‘Escape’, JOURNEY delivers here a superb show. playing both classic albums in its entirety plus a couple of extras.
As said, all involved are in top form, singer Arnel Pineda sounds every day more ‘Steve Perry than Perry itself’, and production / sound quality is great.
A Must


CD 1 ‘Escape’
01. Don’t Stop Believin’ Intro
02. Don’t Stop Believin’
03. Stone In Love
04. Who’s Crying Now
05. Keep On Runnin’
06. Still They Ride
07. Escape
08. Lay It Down
09. Dead Or Alive
10. Neal Schon Guitar Solo
11. Mother, Father
12. Jonathan Cain Piano Solo
13. Open Arms

CD 2 ‘ Frontiers’
01 – Separate Ways Intro
02 – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
03 – Send Her My Love
04 – Chain Reaction
05 – After The Fall
06 – Faithfully
07 – Edge Of The Blade
08 – Steve Smith Drum Solo
09 – Back Talk
10 – Frontiers
11 – Rubicon
12 – La Raza del Sol
13 – Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

Arnel Pineda (lead vocals)
Neal Schon (guitar, backing vocals)
Jonathan Cain (keyboards, backing vocals)
Ross Valory (bass, backing vocals)
Steve Smith (drums)
Travis Thibodaux (keyboards, backing vocals)



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