WANTED – Late Attraction (2023)

WANTED - Late Attraction (2023) - full

Bands like WANTED need major exposure. They released an album about a year ago and few noticed about this 5 rocking piece from Michigan. Hope this is about to change with their upcoming new CD “Late Attraction” simply because they have produced a superb melodic metal / hard rock album that sounds like it was issued in the late ’80s due to its strong melodious streaks and effortless hooks.
There’s some solid metal on here though, reminding me of countless 80s acts who got batted away due to being apparently all too pompous in design yet fizzing with an energy and subtle steel.
I love the vocals which have an airy feel to them, and everything feels crisp and breezy, hinting towards the likes of Ratt, Dokken, White Lion, Tesla, and often lighter tones.
I just wish the band had a more recognisable moniker, something edgier to match the simmering music within. Anyway, you’ll be surpised by “Late Attraction”, a killer album from beginning to end.

I have to tell you when I played their album I was not expecting these young lads at all. I had in mind some 40-year-old dudes playing 80s-style rock – nope, Wanted members are in their 20-30’s. A very talented band and it is just shocking how young they are with that skill. They sound so freaking good and well put together.
The album sounds great, No cheap production here let me tell you.

Wanted just brings you back to youth. I would say off the top of my head that their inspiration by Dokken really shows in their music. You also hear influences of Great White vocally, Van Halen drumming and Killer Dwarfs and Ratt in the rhythm.
Lead singer Nate Peck sings like a young Jack Russell from Great White singing in a Don Dokken fashion. Alan Mares lead guitarist is unbelievable! He’s a young George Lynch.
Christian Shonts rhythm guitarist has great riffs a la Warren DeMartini formerly of Ratt. Paul Slezak bass guitarist reminds me of Jeff Pilson. Jameson Clark sounds like he was born with drumsticks in his hands. Can I say, Alex Van Halen?
Heck, even the cover art brings to mind a Ratt album.

“Late Attraction” merits a repeated listening by any true ’80s melodic hard rock, glam metal, melodic metal and beyond fan. You won’t regret it! If you love the Eighties this is for you, very well produced and with a crisp mix.
Highly Recommended


01 – Breaking ‘Till Dawn
02 – Late Attraction
03 – Lost In The Night
04 – Gas Burner
05 – Could It Be Love
06 – Caged In
07 – Only One Tonight
08 – Forever
09 – Live To Take It All
10 – Call Of The Wild
11 – Heartache Fever
12 – Living On Love

Nate Peck – lead vocals
Alan Mares – lead guitar
Christian Shonts – rhythm guitar, vocals
Paul Slezak – bass, vocals
Jameson Clark – drums, percussion


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