DREAMSTREET – Dreamstreet 2.0 (2023)

DREAMSTREET - Dreamstreet 2.0 (2023) - full

Classic ’80s AOR fans will remember Cleveland’s DREAMSTREET for sure. The band’s unreleased 1986-87 recordings were finally released some years ago under the title “Heartzone“ (featured at 0dayrox), a wonderful slice of pure US Melodic Rock / AOR with ‘that’ classy style and good production. Think AVIATOR, PREVIEW, JOURNEY, etc.
DREAMSTREET continued together in one way or another and some time ago other Cleveland AORster, Frank Amato, the lead singer of the long-running local rock act Beau Coup, contacted DREAMSTREET to produce their new songs the band had been performing in recent time.
Additionally, Amato suggest to finally properly re-record some DREAMSTREET ’80s songs, and the result is “Dreamstreet 2.0“, a trip back to an era when rock music was about melodies, catchy choruses and a feel good vibe.
Highly Recommended


01 – Forever Yours
02 – Head Troubles
03 – Heartzone
04 – Money
05 – On the Edge
06 – Power of Love
07 – Time to Go Home
08 – Your Love Is Alive
09 – You Got Me Rockin’

Rodney Psyka – vocals, percussion
Ron Redfield – guitars, vocals
Tony Artino – guitar, vocals
Nick Lepar – drums, percussion



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