FIREWIND – Still Raging (2023)

FIREWIND - Still Raging (2023) - full

Following their latest, self-titled studio album in 2020, hard rock / metal force FIREWIND are about to release their 20th anniversary live album titled ‘Still Raging‘. Since more than twenty years, the band founded by exceptional guitarist Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil) enthralls heavy music fans with their exciting blend of hard rock and power metal. Razor-sharp riffs, big hooks and solos meet the incredible vocal skills of charismatic singer Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, Seventh Avenue, amongst others), who joined the band in 2019.
“It’s hard to believe that a band like Firewind has been around for 2 decades,” Gus G comments. “In 2022 we had only planned a re-issue of our debut album, but with the pandemic slowly winding down, we were fortunate enough to start doing shows in America and Europe again. Come Fall of 2022 we played 2 headline shows in our homeland, Greece to celebrate our 20th anniversary.”
On “Still Raging” FIREWIND performs all their best songs, and to be honest, these fresh live takes sound better than the original studio versions. This band rocks on stage, and it shows.

Fot the song selection the band delves deep back into their discography and nearly all albums covered (with 2005’s “Forged By Fire” being the only exception). There are quite a few songs from 2020’s self-titled album as, due to the pandemic, they were unable to play their new material to an audience at the time.
The new material such as ‘Welcome To The Empire’, ‘Orbital Sunrise’ and ‘Rising Fire’ sits comfortably alongside set staples such as ‘Head Up High’, ‘Ode To Leodinas’ and ‘Falling To Pieces’ as well as some golden oldies such as ‘The Fire And The Fury’ and ‘Between Heaven And Hell’.

The band are on superb form with singer Herbie Langhans sounding fantastic with a great melodic range whilst also having enough grit to his voice to compliment the heavy metal riffing from guitarist Gus G. who is nothing short of breathtaking with a fantastic array of crunchy metal riffs and insane solos.
The rhythm section of bassist Petros Christo and drummer Joe Nunez are a tight unit and are the backbone of the band holding everything together in this furious performance.

This is a great live release celebrating the 20th anniversary of Firewind. It has great performances and a great song selection, all very well recorded & mixed.
Gus G. continues; “While we’re currently hard at work on some new music, we hope this commemorative Live release will keep you good company, till our new Metal anthems arrive!”
Highly Recommended


CD 1
1. Welcome to the Empire (20th Anniversary Show)
2. I am the Anger (20th Anniversary Show)
3. Head Up High (20th Anniversary Show)
4. Devour (20th Anniversary Show)
5. Destination Forever (20th Anniversary Show)
6. Orbitual Sunrise (20th Anniversary Show)
7. World on Fire (20th Anniversary Show)
8. Drum Solo (20th Anniversary Show)
9. The Fire & the Fury (20th Anniversary Show)
10. Ode to Leonidas (20th Anniversary Show)


CD 2
1. Overdrive (20th Anniversary Show)
2. Mercenary Man (20th Anniversary Show)
3. Lady of 1000 sorrows (20th Anniversary Show)
4. Break Away (20th Anniversary Show)
5. Between Heaven and Hell (20th Anniversary Show)
6. Rising Fire (20th Anniversary Show)
7. Maniac (20th Anniversary Show)
8. Hands of Time (20th Anniversary Show)
9. Few Against Many (20th Anniversary Show)
10. Falling to Pieces (20th Anniversary Show)

Gus G. (guitars)
Herbie Langhans (vocals)
Petros Christo (bass)
Jo Nunez (drums)


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