GIMMIX – Gimme Your Gimmix 1989-90 [Remastered +7] (2023) HQ *Exclusive*

GIMMIX - Gimme Your Gimmix 1989-90 [Remastered +7] (2023) HQ *Exclusive* - full

GIMMIX was a glammy hair metal band from the D.C. and Baltimore Maryland area from the late ’80s / early ’90s. GIMMIX released by themselves an EP in 1989 and the full-length ”Gimme Your Gimmix” in 1990. These indie releases became a bit of collector’s pieces among the underground hair metal collectors from that golden era for the genre.
Though GIMMIX was somewhat short-lived, their fans loved the band’s fun, radio friendly songs that were easy to sing along to: catchy summertime feel-good tunes filled with infectious riffs, loads of backing vocals, hooky rhythms with the right amount of keys. Some kind of a mix between Poison and Rock Candy.
Now Metallic Blue Records is releasing today “Gimme Your Gimmix [Remastered +7]” for the first time on CD, including the 1990 full album, the 1989 EP and 3 early demos, all fully remastered. These were professionally recorded tracks, so sound quality is very good.
If this album does not make you want to go to the beach and soak up the sun, nothing will!
Highly Recommended

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01 – Gimme Your Gimmix
02 – Only A Fool
03 – Lost In You
04 – Carry Me Away
05 – One On One
06 – Too Much
07 – Want You To Know
08 – Lost Innocence
09 – I Can’t Wait
10 – Beach Song
11 – One On One (EP Version)
12 – Only A Fool (EP Version)
13 – I Can’t Wait (EP Version)
14 – Lost Innocence (EP Version)
15 – One On One (Demo)
16 – Only A Fool (Demo)
17 – Lost Innocence (Demo)

Jeff Wiersema – Vocals
Philip Hamm – Bass, Keyboards
Jeff Juliano – Guitar
Taylor Lee – Drums



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