RIAN – Out Of The Darkness [first album] *HQ*

RIAN - Out Of The Darkness [first album] *HQ* - full

With the new, just released third RIAN album some of you asked for their debut album, “Out Of The Darkness“. A pleasant surprise for the 2017 year, after hearing the record we had another proof that the blessed Sweden doesn’t stop producing bands and artists that enrich the galaxy within the AOR / Melodic Rock universe.
Working for over a year with musician / producer Daniel Flores, the band carefully constructed the track list for this debut album with the best cuts they wrote (from a bulk of 30) – and what a song selection that is!
Playing a very efficient mix of contemporary sound filled with classic references, the trio comes with a consistent album that is clearly directed to lovers of AOR / Melodic Rock. And if they were looking to make a good impression with the first effort, then mission accomplished.

The basic recipe for guitars + keyboards + sticky choruses is carefully crafted and with quite convincing results, as heard on “Out Of The Darkness”, “In A Dream” and “Time Of Your Life”, all devastating rockers with an undeniable radio friendly aura. Three beautiful songs that deserve your unrestricted attention and maximum volume at each hearing.

“Out Of Your Mind” retains the melodic level, as well as the frantic “Hide Away” and the explosive “In The Night”, three absurd rockers which solidify the musical features established at the beginning of the album, showing that the band’s choices were successful. Maximum volume for each of them …

But no AOR / Melodic Rock album is complete without at least one ballad and this album features “Remember”, the classic power ballad, with an engaging arrangement and explosive chorus, just as the AOR manual teaches.
But you also should check “Burn The Love”, a song that alternates its tempo at various moments, being rocker, ballad and mid-pacer in different parts.

In short, my dear friends, Rian came as great news for contemporary AOR / Melodic Rock enthusiasts. With a sound very classy yet modern in terms of production, at various times, reminded me of H.E.A.T in its current phase.
It is a fact that Rian brings nothing new to the table and is not innovative at all – and fortunately, ‘cos fans want classic stuff in this genre – the great thing is the songs are well-crafted and the band plays its part properly. And that means A’s in our book.
A great band, a beautiful album, a pleasant surprise…


01 – Out Of The Darkness
02 – In A Dream
03 – Time Of Your Life
04 – Out Of My Mind
05 – Remember
06 – Shaping Fear
07 – Hide Away
08 – In The Night
09 – All The Time
10 – Burn The Love
11 – Pain
12 – In The Night [Acoustic]

Richard Andermyr – Vocals, Guitars
Jonas Melin – Bass
Jan Johansson – Drums


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