SINHERESY – Event Horizon (2023)

SINHERESY - Event Horizon (2023) - full

SINHERESY are a very strong Italian melodic metal band weighing in heftily here with their fourth album “Event Horizon“. The band’s sound is punchy and modern, drawing occasional similarities with Beyond The Black, Dynazty, Metalite, etc. Sinheresy use both male and female lead vocals, all powerful and clean. As result, this is an album absolutely dripping in memorable vocal melodies, but musically very much guitar-led belying the Symphonic Metal tag that they are sometimes branded with, with keyboards only used for atmosphere and effect rather than blasting everything with overblown orchestration.
The band maintain their heavy standpoint throughout the album, with Cecilia Petrini being given every opportunity to shine, whist her male counterpart gets plenty of chances to execute his varied vocal styles to lift the arrangements to extra levels. Needless to say the two vocalists work very well together and certainly make the most of each emotion that individual tracks convey.

The drums and bass thunder with power and purpose throughout the album, with the chunky, meaty guitars leading every song with dexterity and conviction. In among the memorable riffs, there’s some great moments of lead-work sprinkled in there too.
Tracks 8, 9 and 10 are actually a ‘Event Horizon’ trilogy type affair, the intro and outro tracks are about as symphonic as the band get, but it’s a nice idea to separate the tracks rather than make one longer song. The final part being a gorgeous short piano-led with vocals piece, which is as close as the band get to anything ballad related.

These songs round out what is a very entertaining release indeed, showing the band forging their own identity and pushing their sound further with each album as the band mature. “Event Horizon” is short, effective, and enables Sinheresy to deliver a filler-free album crammed with intensity and melody in equal measure.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Calling
02 – Black Spirit
03 – The Life You Left Behind
04 – Castaways
05 – Brighter Days
06 – (R)evolution
07 – Forbidden Desire
08 – Event Horizon I Gravity
09 – Event Horizon II Entropy
10 – Event Horizon III Singularity



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