STATUS QUO – Official Archive Series Vol.1 / Live In Amsterdam 2010 [New Mix 2023] *HQ*

STATUS QUO - Official Archive Series Vol.1 / Live In Amsterdam 2010 [New Mix 2023] *HQ* - full

Since their foundation, STATUS QUO‘s energetic live performances became their calling card, with their rock anthems igniting crowds around the world. They have played countless sold-out shows, headlined major festivals, and built a reputation as a must-see live act.
‘Live in Amsterdam 2010’ will be the kick-off for a carefully curated selection of iconic Status Quo performances, which will trade under the name “Official Archive Series” including classic hits spanning their extensive catalogue, deep cuts and fan favorites; each track is a testament to the band’s enduring popularity and musical prowess.
Official Archive Series Vol.1 Live In Amsterdam‘ has been freshly remixed & remastered by Eike Freese and Laurin Halberstadt at Chameleon Studios Hamburg. It captures the raw energy and infectious enthusiasm of a Status Quo live performance, no matter where in the world. With their trademark sound, powerful guitar riffs, and irresistible hooks, the band delivers an unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll experience.

The show was captured on 19th October, 2010 during the ‘Pictures Exposed World Tour’, with the line-up of Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Andy Bown, John ‘Rhino’ Edwards and Matt Letley laying waste to an avalanche of ‘Quo’ classics.
The recording has been remixed and remastered by Eike Freese (sometime guitarist with Kai Hansen’s bands). Freese’s reputation goes far and wide, recording and producing artists as Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Helloween and Lynyrd Skynyrd at his Chamelon Studios in Hamburg.

The reissue / remaster story belongs to Quo more than any other UK rock band, essentially the story of post-2010 Quo. Recognition that there was and still is a growing appetite among a more affluent demographic for seeing the band live. And that has switched the focus away from your old fashioned album/single toward your actual rock concert.
And the only way to remind you of how great the gig was… buy the Live album.

This one is worth shelling out for whether you were there or not. 21 tracks across 2 CDs, and every one deserves to be here, and while each may not be a killer cut, this collection is full with truly outstanding compositions.
So while we luxuriate in electric and electrifying live renditions of ‘Something ‘Bout You Baby’ and ‘Roll Over Lay Down’, not forgetting a jaw-dropping version of ‘Mean Girl’, we also get the opportunity to devote more of our attention to the perfect pop-boogie of ‘Caroline’ and of course to the late Rick Parfitt’s major songwriting contributions to the Quo cannon, ‘Living On An Island’ and ‘Rain’.
No question, Quo clearly found its groove that night in The Netherlands, confirmation – if any were needed – that this band gains in stature in the live arena, delivering often underrated rock’n’roll.

The first offering sets the standard for subsequent releases in the series. Raw, infectious and energetic, it is a powerful and irresistible statement from a band who have been at the top of their game for decades.
Highly Recommended


Disc I
01 – Intro
02 – Caroline
03 – Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like
04 – Rain
05 – Don’t Drive My Car
06 – Mean Girl
07 – Softer Ride
08 – Beginning of the End
09 – Hold You Back
10 – The Proposing Medley
11 – The Oriental
12 – Creepin’ up on You

Disc II
01 – Living on an Island
02 – In the Army Now
03 – Drum Solo
04 – Roll over Lay Down
05 – Down Down
06 – Whatever You Want
07 – Rockin’ All over the World
08 – Junior’s Wailing
09 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Music / Bye Bye Johnny

Francis Rossi
Rick Parfitt
Andy Bown
John ‘Rhino’ Edwards
Matt Letley



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