THE CASANOVAS – Backseat Rhythms (2023) *HQ*

THE CASANOVAS - Backseat Rhythms (2023) *HQ* - full

Retaining the core of their visceral, riff driven sound, on their new album “Backseat RhythmsTHE CASANOVAS shaped an exploration of hard rock fused with pop elements and elevated by their maturity as a band, resulting into their most varied release yet.
Sounding like the love child of Paul Stanley and Angus Young, “Backseat Rhythms” brings back that classic hard rocking sound from the ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s. To achieve that feeling the Aussies have worked with prestigious engineer & producer Ron Nevison (Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, KISS) -and they nailed that magic.
Doesn’t “Backseat Rhythms” cover art recall The Cult’s 1989 ‘Sonic Temple’ album? Well, the music inside isnt’ far from that vibe too.
The new album is the first to feature new drummer Brett “Wolfie” Wolfenden (Todd Rundgren band). Wolfie, who has joined frontman/guitarist Tommy Boyce and longtime bass player Damo Campbell, is helping The Casanovas take their sound to new levels.

When star producer Ron Nevison is involved, the band immediately gets our attention. There’s a polished treatment without losing the band’s grit. There’s a catchy, poppy approach too, however all balanced to keep the motor running on all cylinders.
“Backseat Rhythms” musically rocks, and rocks hard. This collection might just be their best too, given it’s got the most rock n roll feel of a career that has been steeped in it, and also a set of songs that by and large meet the vision.
Summing up: wonderful songs, wonderful songwriters, wonderful band.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Devil In Me
02 – When You Want Something From Me
03 – The Lover
04 – Burning Up The Night
05 – Baby Wants To Get Down
06 – Bad Girl
07 – City Streets
08 – The Last Time Was Good
09 – Her Kiss
10 – Kundalini Rising

Tommy Boyce – vocals, guitar
Damian “Damo” Campbell – vocals, bass
Brett Wolfenden – drums


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  1. kosedi says:

    Great band.Ilke it.Thank you so much…

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