BACKSTREET GIRLS – In Lust We Trust (2023)

BACKSTREET GIRLS - In Lust We Trust (2023) - full

Some kind of a legend in Scandinavia, Norwegian rockers BACKSTREET GIRLS were founded in 1984 (!) and have delivered hard hitting, no-compromise boogie rockers to their faithful fans ever since.
In Lust We Trust” is the new album from Backstreet Girls, the band’s 16th studio album where they cut ten new tracks whilst proudly maintaining their signature sound and all of its powerful hallmarks. The material was recorded in Oslo in 2022/23, produced, mixed and mastered by renowned producer Stamos Koliousis.
Backstreet Girls have been going strong since the Eighties and have no plans to slow down, on the contrary they are playing more concerts, to bigger audiences, than they may have ever done before. Maybe it’s like fine wine, that Backstreet Girls only get better with age?
Well, if you like wood & steel (no electronics here) classic rock, riff-driven rock n’ roll straight from the amp to be played at maximum volume, ”In Lust We Trust” is for you.
Highly Recommended


01 – Beef Chop Suicide
02 – Waste Side Story
03 – Boogie Woman
04 – Too Cool For You
05 – Sister Satan
06 – Norma Jean
07 – Smoke
08 – Rocky Lee
09 – Not Sorry At All
10 – Doomday Hell

Bjørn Müller (vocals)
Petter Baarli (guitars)
Gaute Vaag (bass)
Anders Langset (drums)



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