DESERTA – Don’t Dare Stop (2023)

DESERTA - Don't Dare Stop (2023) - full

DESERTA was founded in 2007 in Brazil and since then the guys have been conquering the public with their irreverence on stage and technical quality. The band had the opportunity to open shows for great national and international artists, which lead to the creation of a big fan base.
While the band released some material locally, past year DESERTA signed a multi deal with European rock-specialized record label Lions Pride Music and their debut album “Don’t Dare Stop” will be released worldwide seeking international success.
And they deserve some attention: “Don’t Dare Stop” is pure-80s inspired melodic hard rock filled with clean riffs, stabs of synths, soaring vocals and catchy choruses. The whole record is a celebration of era’s sound in the vein of WINGER, Mr.BIG, BON JOVI or TRIXTER and offers a good production as well as many cool hooklines (just check out the ridiculously catchy “Rose”) plus a lot of fun.

DESERTA is s band to not lose from the radar because they sound pleasantly different than most of the usual suspects from a certain melodic rock label from Southern Europe… check out the energetic title track and the power ballad “Travel The World”.
Please don’t wait that long next time boys!


01 – Don’t Dare Stop
02 – The Best of Me
03 – Rose
04 – Travel the World
05 – Poisonous
06 – Gigolo
07 – I’m Going Crazy
08 – Lightning
09 – Reason to Live
10 – Bad Choices

Uly Dolph (lead vocals)
Thirray Priester (guitars)
Fab Jablonski (keys, vocals)
Maikon Koroll (bass, vocals)
Renato Hafermann (drums)



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