MINUS ONE – Red Black White (Lion’s Pride release 2023)

MINUS ONE - Red Black White (Lion's Pride release 2023) - full

Lion’s Pride is reissuing the out of print MINUS ONE album ”Red Black White”, the band which members formed part of Glenn Hughes crew during a tour in Europe. ”Red Black White” is an exciting mix of melodic rock clearly ’80s inspired, yet providing a breath of fresh air to the genre via clever arrangements and some electronic beats / FX.

The album consists of eleven songs, one of these a cover – a modernised version of Lesley Gores’ 1963 hit ‘You Don’t Own Me’. Some of the original compositions like “Girl” are playful and catchy, while others such as “Take Me Away‘ started life as an airline jingle. The opening track “The Greatest” talks about people’s delusions, and rocks with style and a punchy pulse.
”Red Black White” is not your typical melodic rock album, and that’s make it interesting. A deep listen reveals so many layers and different refreshing elements. The effects, sequencer, synths are used not only to flourish, these are really part of song structures.

But don’t be fooled, “Red Black White” rocks, and rocks greatly. Imagine if British modern melodic rock stalwart Vega had a child with Degreed, add a little Swedish elegance here and there (some Wigelius) and you have Minus One.
There’s tons of hooks, melodies, and an excellent production design, which round up one of the most original albums from the genre recently appeared.
Highly Recommended


01. The Greatest
02. How Does It Feel
03. Red Black White
04. Girl
05. Psycho 5
06. Nothing For Nothing
07. Run Away
08. The Other Side
09. Take Me Away
10. Some Times
11. You Don’t Own Me

Andreas Kapatais – Vocals
Harry Pari – Guitars
Constantinos Amrikanos – Guitars
Chris J – Drums
Max O Matic – Bass



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