CREEPER – Sanguivore (2023)

CREEPER - Sanguivore (2023) - full

English rockers CREEPER are quite unique. Their music has benn described as metal, prog, goth, and more, but none nails the real essence this band has. And it’s a great one, believe us.
CREEPER new album titled “Sanguivore” is fantastic vampire concept rock opera that will leave you breathless. The ghost of Jim Steinman is shining down on Creeper as they deliver a fabulous dramatic piece of work that evokes memories of albums like ‘Bad For Good’ or ‘Pandora’s Box’.
Musically, “Sanguivore” mixes pop melodies with some crazy guitars, dark synth atmospheres and frontman Will Gould mysterious voice. Influenced heavily by rock icons such as Billy Idol, Danzig and the histrionic works of Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf, ”Sanguivore” sounds very modern, but songwriting-wise it is timeless.
A love letter to ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ and classic vampire movies, Creeper have made a blood-and-nostalgia-drenched album that’s dramatic, gothic, and above all: FUN!
You’ll be (greatly) surprised by ”Sanguivore”…

”Sanguivore” is Creeper’s third album, but for sure is the most grandiose and ambitious they ever sounded, and, case in point, its opening track is a nine-minute rock-opera-opener-in-the-making: ‘Further Than Forever’ is absolutely glorious, tempering twinkling keys, artful guitar soloing and angelic harmonies. Elsewhere, the unabashedly horny ‘Cry To Heaven’ sways with a sensual groove and lashings of flamboyance before flouncing into an outlandish key change, and they embrace the theatricality, which lands just on the right side of OTT, wholeheartedly and without pretension.

There’s also more variety here – ‘Sacred Blasphemy’ darkness is embellished with rock’n’roll glitz, while ‘Chapel Gates’ feels like a shinier, Jim Steinman-ified take on their older work (and earns bonus points for the cackle-worthy quip ‘She’s getting laid but not to rest’.)
The jewel in the crown here, however, is the album’s biggest left-turn, namely the much-hyped ‘Black Heaven’ – a pulsing, sparkling slice of goth disco that’s essentially Depeche Mode in black lipstick, and it might sound ridiculous, but it’s utter genius.

”Sanguivore” sees Creeper embracing their biggest, most bombastic sound ever, it’s huge but melancholic, poppy yet heavy, goth and somber but with impressive melodies… an album you need to check out.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Further Than Forever
02 – Cry To Heaven
03 – Sacred Blasphemy
04 – The Ballad Of Spook & Mercy
05 – Lovers Led Astray
06 – Teenage Sacrifice
07 – Chapel Gates
08 – The Abyss
09 – Black Heaven
10 – More Than Death

Lead Vocals – William Von Ghould
Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Ian Miles
Bass – Sean Scott
Drums – Jake Fogarty
Keyboards, Vocals – Hannah Greenwood
Synthesizer, Mellotron, Organ, Guitar – Tom Dalgety
Grand Piano – Daan Temmink
Backing Vocals – Jack Boston, Joanna Nye



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